As the modern youth starts families

As the modern youth starts families

For people sometimes creation of family and education of children are a main objective of their life. But more often it is possible to notice examples when couple, without coping with difficulties of joint life prefer to divorce not to torment each other. However to construct happy family, to become support each other and it is possible to keep harmony in the relations on all the life after all.


1. For a start it is necessary to understand that it is impossible to be prepared for family existence, without knowing features of modern views on life. Thanks to mass media which advertize "the ideas of free-thinking" and various ways of contraception the women received absolutely new status in society. It is impossible to tell about that, it is good or it is bad. Just weaker sex became more independent and socially independent. Marriage stopped being inevitability for the woman, and became the mutual union of the woman and man for the sake of love. Therefore in modern marriage the equality is on the first place.

2. Before entering a legal marriage, modern young people try to approach with the maximum share of responsibility this question. First of all, they try to find stable work to become financially independent (from parents or external factors), provide themselves with housing, at the expense of renting, a mortgage or purchase. When planning family the young people try to recognize each other in the household plan. For this reason the so-called civil marriage or cohabitation is so popular today. If the guy with the girl want to give birth to children, very often they address to the center of planning of family.

3. To start a family — means, first of all, to learn to respect the partner, to love him, to do for him something pleasant, to competently solve problems and to go on compromises. Unfortunately, not all are ready to innovations in society therefore many marriages break up even before appearance of children. To achieve mutual understanding and harmony in family, it is necessary to follow only some simple advice: the decision on whether children are necessary to you, accept in common, work on yourself, listen to remarks which are stated to you by your soulmate, and eradicate these shortcomings, support and trust each other in any situations, solve the problems, without attracting parents and friends, carry out household chores in common or divide them among themselves. Remember that it is not important at all who main, important who, for what is responsible. Remember that everyone can make mistakes. You learn to forgive each other. A full-fledged family is quite so started. If people are ready to marriage, for them will not be big problem to keep harmony in the relations, only emotionally mature and loving each other people can make concessions each other, restraining the desires and trying to strengthen the relations.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team