As the offended man behaves

As the offended man behaves

Men sometimes are sensitive not less women. They leave, become reserved, make rash aggressive acts or pretend that to them all the same. It is sometimes not so simple to understand that you strongly touched darling.


1. All men different therefore also their reaction to offense can be various. Some men, having heard unpleasant words in the address, at once declare the discontent. In this case the conflict can be resolved pretty fast – you can discuss a situation and if necessary apologize.

2. It is necessary far more difficult with the man who after your words will become reserved, will slam the door and will go to spend the night to the friend. In such situation sometimes it is useless to run afterwards and to shout "forgive". The man switches-off phone, he does not want to see you and to hear. Wait for return of the cooled-down gentleman. Then you will be able to discuss your conflict and to be at right words to restore between you the warm confidential atmosphere.

3. You understand that you told superfluous, and the man pretends that to him all the same. He utykatsya indifferently in the TV and pretends that everything that interests him at present - it is reproduction of meerkats about which transfer is shown on the popular scientific channel. If only your young man is not the biologist in love with the profession, such behavior – protective reaction. It is necessary to be reconciled with such offended man patiently and long, quietly and tenderly explaining him the claims and listening to his arguments.

4. Some men behave as if children. You pulled out a blurt, and the young man already in embarrassment looks at you and blinks. In the heat of offense as the whimsical child, he can tell to you superfluous. And that you such, also prepare you tastelessly, and visit of the gym will not save you and at all it has no romantic feelings. The main thing in this situation is not to break. The man, most likely, at all so does not think, he wants to touch you the same as you touched him. Wait until both of you cool down, and then suggest it to talk about the event. If you really made something bad and feel the guilt, can cajole the partner gifts, children love surprises.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team