As the offended woman behaves

As the offended woman behaves

Each person shows the offense in different ways. There is no certain template of behavior by which it is possible to determine offense and to pass quickly to truce. Only with experience you will be able to teach darling and to understand when she is offended. But there are certain symptoms which can be shown all together or separately.

When between you the awful quarrel on an important question or a trifle erupted, most likely, she will take offense soon. Especially if in the heat of a dispute you told unpleasant words, called it or exposed to guilty. Remember how the conversation ended – she sincerely apologized and recognized your correctness? Most likely, no. If everyone agreed to differ, and it at some point sharply stopped a conversation and left, having shut the door with a bang, it is possible to assume that the woman is offended.

The first signs

Sharp change of behavior. If usually she went around you and prevented to concentrate rough streams of words, and now is silent, so she is offended or depressed. Girls like to speak with darling about everything that occurs in their life, but when the offense overflows, she does not want to share anything. On your questions she is silent or answers in monosyllables. Tone at the same time cold and indifferent, as though she forces herself though something to answer.

Avoiding of household chores. Because of offense at the man some women use the system of punishments – deprivation of a dinner and a cosiness. You can find out that your things continue to lie in a basket for dirty linen, socks stay under a chair, and for a dinner vegetable salad and yogurt. Listen about what she speaks with girlfriends by phone. If you caused her offense quite recently, so it can concern it during the conversation. At the same time, mentioning your name, in its voice poisonous notes appear.

Strong indications

The offended look. Usually it looks as the pursed lips, she does not look at you, defiantly turns away a face aside. She avoids you. If the situation not too difficult, it can just leave the room and spend on the street more time. But if the offense is big, and after the quarrel it does not want to see you, the woman can cease to sleep in one bed with you, and, as a last resort, to move to mother. If you live not together, she can ignore SMS messages and throw off calls. To avoid a meeting, to pass by when you try to start talking to it on the street. But it is only the general description of behavior of women during offense. Some occurs unconsciously, another becomes defiantly to show the feelings. Anyway, you need to study the woman and not to allow a rift in relations. Too long offense can lead to cooling of feelings, reconsideration of life and, perhaps, to search of the new man.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team