As the relations between parents influence the child of preschool age

As the relations between parents influence the child of preschool age

Knowledge by the child of the world begin with its relations in family. At preschool age children spend much time with parents and adopt their behavior on themselves. During this period it is important to develop high qualities in the child and to create around it the favorable atmosphere.

For example, parents are on the verge of a divorce, constantly quarrel, shout, break on the child. From their party it is normal. And how it is seen by the preschool child? To him it is terrible, apparently, that the world falls, it is not loved and it is necessary to nobody. Further it can lead to violation of mentality, the rough attitude towards parents and people around, a low self-assessment. The relations with the soulmate will constantly fall.

Reverse situation: parents live in perfect harmony, politely and friendly communicate, nobody on anybody raises the voice. In this situation the child will grow up strong, self-assured, friendly and quiet. He will be able to build up the relationship with the soulmate harmoniously.

The child is strongly influenced by Wednesday in which he grows the attitude towards him, behavior of the adults surrounding it, words which pronounce in its address.

Many parents behind the problems cease to notice the children. They try to earn money to support family, but pressure of these problems forces them to be rude to children, to shout at them. There is no time left for normal communication. Often it occurs in families where one parent. Such parents do not know the children and do not seek to recognize them. The principle of survival, but not the principle of humanity becomes the main thing. Children in such families prefer to walk late not to see parents as long as possible.

The most sad fact is the fact that such child, most likely, will avoid people, will not be able to build up further the relationship with couple or in general will become reserved. Also it will have many complexes because parents have no time to praise the child for something. Unfortunately, time is only on scolding for something not made.

Any offense which is caused the child in the childhood will affect its future and the future of its relations with parents. It is very difficult to forget such offenses, especially if parents consider all this unimportant and just cannot or do not want to apologize for such circumstances. When the child grows up, his communication with parents can come to naught. Perhaps, there will even be no calls to wish happy birthday. Any parent should think of what he does for future child. Likely, now just it is a high time to communicate to it to solve problems which can arise in the future.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team