As the relations between the husband and the wife change during pregnancy

As the relations between the husband and the wife change during pregnancy

The period of pregnancy is very difficult both for the woman, and for the man. But all the same to wait for birth of the kid is a happy time. The relations of spouses undergo changes, most often to the best.


1. During pregnancy the organism of the woman reconstructs, together with internal changes the behavior, mood of future mummy changes. She can not notice such metamorphoses happening to it, and here relatives and friends see everything from outside. The first trimester can become the most difficult. It is explained by psychological unpreparedness of parents to appearance of the kid on light. It is sometimes difficult for women to reconcile to physiological changes and manifestations during pregnancy: addition in weight, morning nausea, drowsiness, fatigue. All this can lead to neurosises, failures. And in mood the loved one - the husband is influenced by these differences, he becomes responsible for all "troubles", it should calm the pregnant wife at the despair moments. Not all manage to have patience and to endure this difficult period. As a result in the relations the crack appears.

2. The spouse during pregnancy can be whimsical, oppressed, disturbing. The man has to understand and experience its state and try to help. If before conception the harmony always reigned in family, the husband and the wife were able to live in peace, then there should not be problems and during incubation of the child. Sometimes pregnancy in a root changes the relations, the man becomes more careful, attentive, trembling in relation to the spouse. Joint preparation for the birth, planning of childbirth, purchase of children's stock and clothes, the choice of a name - all these joint affairs have to bring together. The wise man has to understand how to hard his wife, it is possible to close for the sake of it eyes to her nervousness and capriciousness, which only a temporary phenomenon.

3. The man should not give in on provocation of the woman. During pregnancy, different obsessions can come to mind of future mother, it can begin to check the husband for readiness for appearance of the child. Because of it there are scandals on different trifles. And most often the woman is an instigator of quarrels. Husbands need to understand only one - that all this is started from a lack of attention, love and care. It is necessary to learn to read out desires and the spouse's whims before her.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team