As the relations have to develop

As the relations have to develop

The relations between lovers the man and the woman proceed step by step: from love euphoria before full acceptance of each other. If the love does not pass numerous tests, then she is not fated to last long. What stages allocate in development of the relations?


1. The first stage - emergence of sympathy, sexual inclination between the man and the woman. At this stage the man estimates appearance and the woman's figure, beauty and sexuality attracts it to her. The woman is interested in a behavior manner, sense of humour, I.Q. of the man more. Because of emergence of a sexual attraction the people say then that they had a love at first sight. In fact, eyes only the man can fall in love. So, the mutual sympathy arose what has to follow it?

2. The second stage - a stage of flowers and courtings. At this stage the man and the woman try to prove to be from the best sides, they seek to spend together all free time. The moments of proximity bring great pleasure. The man looks after the woman as the queen, she, in turn, takes to him the care, gives tenderness and caress.

3. The third stage - judgment of the feelings. At this stage often it seems to the man that he makes a mistake. He cannot understand the attitude towards the woman, cannot define what to it to do next. It is important that at this time the woman stepped aside a little and did not press on it. Usually doubting man soon appears again in her life, overwhelmed by love and passion. Then the relations develop further.

4. The fourth stage - mutual love. At this stage the partners are sure that they ideal couple. At this time there can be a feeling of property or jealousy. It is necessary to try to bypass acute angles and to protect feelings of each other.

5. The fifth stage to which women in development of the relations - spiritual proximity very strongly aspire. This time when the man and the woman begin to understand each other without words, know as well as what to please each other with. They share with each other the most intimate, becoming even closer and more natively.

6. The sixth stage of development of the relations - "preparation for a wedding". This stage is called conditionally as such preparation can take years. Important what at this time the man and the woman resolve whether they want to cast in the lot with each other forever, or they have no such sure desire. Even at this stage it is possible to break off the relations if there is no readiness all life to devote to the elect. But if this stage is completed by a wedding, then the man and the woman can be congratulated - their relations came to the end with a logical and correct outcome.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team