As the Sagittarius in love behaves

As the Sagittarius in love behaves

Sagittarius - one of fiery signs along with Ovn and Lev. It affects as his behavior in the professional sphere, and in the love relations. But it is always worth meaning that there are no identical representatives of one sign and that all people are individual.


1. The male Sagittarius is active, courageous, rectilinear, optimistic and friendly. He is able to achieve goals what they would not consist in, but, as a rule, is not inclined to run roughshod over other's feelings and does not differ in cruelty. The openness, generosity, friendliness, wisdom in decision-making, but also some superficiality are peculiar to him. Love, as well as life, for it - an adventure. Though to this sign peculiar honesty in behavior, women quite often create illusions about plans of the Sagittarius concerning them. The fact is that this sign is very freedom-loving therefore the most part of its relations easy and not long-term. muzhchine-Streltsu the passion and a variety is necessary and if after a while the passion in the relations is replaced by tranquility and predictability, he grows cold and begins to miss. A conclusion - it needs the ardent and unpredictable woman who will be able to maintain to herself interest.

2. Often muzhchina-Strelets marries already at mature age, having acquired. Also it approaches such decision seriously. But anyway it will not become the homebody and does not love when the woman considers it the property. At the house there has to be not straining atmosphere that the Sagittarius did not want to pack the things and to run away.

3. The sexual component in the relations is very important for the Sagittarius, he likes to be dipped into sensual feelings. It leads to the fact that he can meet at the same time at once several girls, especially in youth. But owing to the straightforwardness it is difficult to it to hide unfaithfulness, and often his partner learns about them. And as not each woman is ready to share the man with competitors, couple breaks up. It should be notedIt should be noted that if after the first night the Sagittarius continues to meet the girl, he means decided that can trust it. He will not meet anyone again and again.

4. Diffident, boring and jealous ladies not in taste of the Sagittarius. He prefers the liberated, direct, sociable, inquisitive girls with good sense of humour. And here it is worth paying it tribute - he is capable to estimate not only female attractiveness, but also mind. It is important for it that the partner was for it first of all a friend, had the common with it interests, entered one circle of contacts, could support an intellectual conversation since the Sagittarius very much likes to talk. He will be glad together with it together to be engaged in some fascinating business, to experiment and travel. The economy of the woman is much less important for it.

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