As the wedding in 40 years of joint life is called

As the wedding in 40 years of joint life is called

It is accepted to give names to anniversaries from the wedding day. The fortieth anniversary of joint life is celebrated as a ruby wedding. Gemstone a ruby becomes a symbol of a holiday. Therefore at registration of a celebration often use red color.

People celebrate anniversaries of weddings worldwide. Everywhere there are traditions. But there are also similar moments in celebrations. For example, it is accepted to give anniversaries names. So the first wedding anniversary is called print. The tenth anniversary is called somewhere tin, and somewhere pink. The twenty-fifth anniversary of joint life are a silver wedding.

Not all anniversaries have names. Though sometimes it is accepted to celebrate even "intermediate" dates. For example, in 6.5 years the zinc wedding is celebrated; in 12.5 – a nickel wedding; in 37.5 - aluminum.

The fortieth anniversary

If spouses lived in common forty years, then to each of them, at least, years sixty, and even more. It is already retirement age. Not only their children, but, perhaps, and grandsons became adults. Means, there are many people who with pleasure will gather and will congratulate heroes of the occasion.

The fortieth wedding anniversary has the beautiful name – ruby. Its symbol is the stone a ruby. It on hardness does not concede to diamond. With what as not with it to compare the strong matrimonial union lasting four decades. Majority of rubies of brightly red color. This stone is referred to fiery elements, it represents love. Really, feelings of spouses are checked for years and if the spark of love did not die away in forty years, then to it nothing is already terrible. From the fortieth anniversary prior to gold anniversary absolutely nearby – ten years. Numerous guests, the family for certain will wish to a married couple to reach this date, having kept health and devotion each other.

How to celebrate a ruby wedding

Big holidays do not do without gifts. If desired spouses make a gift to themselves. They exchange the updated rings. As a symbol of an event is the ruby, it is accepted to inlay wedding rings with rubies. Expensive and a memento earrings, a ring with a ruby – for the wife, a hairpin for a tie with the same stone – for the husband will be. Certainly, it is things, very expensive at cost. Usually guests give them together, in advance having agreed. But there is an opportunity to present something more democratic. However preferences it is given to things of red color. That it will be, wine glasses or vases from red glass, a bed or table linen of a suitable shade, or perhaps something the corresponding hobby of spouses, – to solve to guests.

Flowers – red roses will be fine addition to a gift.

If for a holiday many guests are expected, then evening is spent to cafe or restaurant. It is necessary to take care that registration corresponded to holiday symbolics. But also in house conditions nothing will prevent to choose a snow-white cloth and scarlet table napkins, to issue the room red spheres in the form of hearts and even red curtains. However, here it is worth not to going too far in color and symbolics not to be beaten out out of limits of good taste. But, eventually, everything has to be made so that the holiday was pleasant and remembered to heroes of the anniversary.

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