As the wife has to behave

As the wife has to behave

When you were lucky to find the ideal couple, to start a family, it is very important to try to keep respect and love for many years of joint life. The woman was considered as the keeper of a home at all times. She can create such atmosphere that the relations with time became stronger in family, and marriage became happier.


1. For the man it is important to remain a master of the situation always. Grant the right and an opportunity to make decisions to the husband even if you already have an accurate action plan. Bring the spouse to the decision necessary to you, but so that he felt an opportunity to direct family. If the wife undertakes the solution of all problems, then the husband can in general cease to be interested in affairs of relatives.

2. Never reproach the spouse with inaction, forcing something to do. Show to the husband the weakness, the fact that you need him and his help. The man by the nature the defender, so give him the chance to feel like the defender of the family.

3. Do not forget to be interested in affairs of the husband, to periodically ask him on work, the relations with colleagues, friends. You aspire to knowing about hobbies and a hobby of your second half, show interest in this party of his life.

4. You learn to control the emotions that not to perceive any statement of your spouse of the general character in relation to themselves. It is very important, otherwise you will always feel offended. Never you seek to change the husband, to change his outlook, psychological behavior. It can only anger the man, but will not have positive effect. Did you respect him, marrying? Then do not make him dismantling and scandals. Try to understand the spouse, learn to give him the care and love, and he will answer you with the same.

5. Remember that small family holidays will help you not only to have a good time, rest of everyday life, but also to reconcile after some family quarrel. Unlike scandal a quarrel – dialogue of reasonable people, which purpose - adoption of the mutual decision. At the same time do not hesitate to concede and apologize if you wish to keep respect and love in marriage.

6. Whatever it happened, never manipulate food and sex. In these questions the man should not feel restrained. Otherwise he will begin to look for satisfactions in other place.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team