As the wife has to treat the husband according to the Bible

As the wife has to treat the husband according to the Bible

Let before Christ and men, and their faithful companions are equal in relationship, in the Scripture for the wife the 1st for the husband the roles in the marriage union are allocated.

As the husband has to treat the wife

The husband in the family relations is obliged to assume according to the Bible the management in the family house (the message to Corinthians 11:3, Efesyanam 5:23). At the same time this manual should not be manifestation from the husband of dictatorship or indulgence, however it has to correspond completely in all respects to an example of the management of Church from Christ.

As it was told in the message Efesyanam 5:25-26, husbands have to love the wives just as Christ fell in love all with the heart and the essence Church. Christ gave own life of Church to fill it with God.

Christ loves the people and Church, showed to it participation and also forgiveness, mercy and unselfishness. Husbands have to have just the same relation in relation to wives.

Role of the wife in family

The first and the most important that needs to be noted is that the woman needs to marry that man whom she respects. The main and fundamental obligation of the wife in marriage is to show respect in relation to the husband, and it, in turn, demands from the woman of obedience and honor.

Also the woman needs to give birth to children, and after that to be engaged in their education and care of them with big tenderness.

The Bible, in addition, obliges wives to be keepers of the house centers and to be hardworking if business concerns the house. Homework which, according to the Bible, lays down on the wife consists in three main cases – education of children, support of purity and cooking.

If the wife is is competent of any other affairs, her work in certain time will bring the wife out of borders of the family house. The Bible does not say that the woman has to work at home. She teaches that the house was a priority.

And, of course, the Bible teaches idleness at which it is impossible to throw money down the drain. Therefore the duty of the wife is to perceive shops as the duty and the work, but not as entertainment.

As the wife has to treat the husband according to the Bible

The wife has to satisfy completely the husband and his needs for the plan of intimate life (1 Building 7:2-5). But it does not mean that the wife have to "agree" every time as it will be wanted by the husband. It means that the wife has to answer with love his love. God gave to the person sexual relationship and made them cure for fornication.

Jeunet it is necessary to try not to argue with the husband and not to irritate him. Women were awarded with sharp tongue which should be used for the help to the husbands.

Still the Bible teaches people to the fact that the wife needs to study at the husband, and the husband is obliged to learn and edify the wife (1 Building 14:34-35).

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