As the wise woman after the quarrel arrives

As the wise woman after the quarrel arrives

Joint life often reconciles people with shortcomings of their soulmates and accustoms to a certain reaction to some acts. However time for this purpose is necessary and if you did not learn to leave correctly the conflict yet and to avoid its repetition, it is necessary to draw conclusions from each quarrel. Constant hysterics and offenses do not add to the relations neither love, nor passion. Unfortunately, it is a way to destruction.

Reconcile to inevitable

It is necessary to understand that to do absolutely without quarrels and half-words it is impossible. It is enough to squabble with the administration or to be late for a meeting as the irritation begins to be saved. So it is got at most of married couples, they got used to be discharged from the saved-up negative at home. For this purpose it is enough to carp at any trifle and at once the conflict is formed. At the beginning of joint life such quarrels usually come to an end with passionate reconciliation. When the storm of feelings settled, it is necessary to learn to be reconciled on another.

Remember that you are obliged nothing to the person who beats you, humiliates or threatens your safety. The same concerns also people with alcohol addiction. Your education, exactly as well as offenses, essentially will change nothing. It it is necessary either to treat, or to reconcile.

Plan of reconciliation

If you have an ordinary quarrel, do not follow the tastes of the emotions, and arrive as the wise woman. First solve whether really you want reconciliation. Or the situation became so painful that it will be better for you than one. Answer yourself honestly this question, many couples continue to exist together only because of a habit. Try in any way to avoid repetition of the conflict. Otherwise it will become similar to a sick callosity which you constantly tear off. If the husband is guilty, do not carp at him about it any more. If you were an instigator, analyze the mistakes more them do not repeat. It is necessary to be able to draw conclusions. Do not try to go for truce when your appearance leaves much to be desired. Though it is necessary to watch himself constantly, women often forget about themselves. Therefore be stirred up for the sake of the world in your family. Of course it is impossible to change a figure for couple of days. But you can put on a house dress, instead of a dressing gown and use a make-up. The woman with hair curlers and with a mask on a face causes more pity, than love. Begin a conversation of the first. In advance think up a conciliatory phrase. Choose the correct tone. If you do favor, the quarrel will pass into a new stage. Do not discuss half-words which led to the conflict. Tell the husband about the feelings better, that you are afraid to lose him and still you love. Show understanding. Tell that in many respects agree with it, just on emotions it is difficult to solve something. Recognize his correctness. But do not go too far, otherwise the man will take a position of the little boy offended by life. It is better to be reconciled in the neutral territory therefore try to entice the husband from the house. Show it the love. And if he is not ready to reconcile, do not insist. Give him time to make the decision, but avoid the offended person or dissatisfied phrases.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team