As the woman has to behave

As the woman has to behave

The woman who wants to win and hold near herself the man has to not only look good, but also correctly behave. Alas, not all persons of the fair sex understand it. As a result - quarrels, scandals, misunderstanding and parting.


1. To win the man, learn to listen and hear him. Some women make a mistake, constantly talking on the first appointment. Yes, it is indisputable, ability to keep up the conversation – excellent quality. But if you speak a monologue, it is already search.

2. You should not be persuasive and impudent. You do not call the man everyone half an hour with a question: "And what you do now?" Be for the man a riddle, the unsolved book which he will want to read.

3. Be self-assured also independent. The stronger sex likes women who know what is wanted from life and is stubborn go towards the aim. Also they love those girls to whom it is possible to talk, but not just to potreshchat about anything. That is you have to be clever and educated.

4. You should not show the love for shopping. Men like women who well and tastefully dress, but they try to avoid squanderers.

5. Be kind, gentle and tender. There is such opinion that the stronger sex is attracted by bitchy women. Partly it so, but heartless and rough individuals shortly begin to irritate men, there is a wish to feel caress and care.

6. Do not lie to the man, especially at all if your relations only arose. It will push away the beloved or will arouse mistrust.

7. Be economic and clean. Men love when in the house the order, on a plate costs a tasty lunch. Try to surprise him with culinary masterpieces.

8. Do not limit freedom of the man, he so values it! Let him have a rest with friends, goes on fishing or hunting. Spend this time with girlfriends, have a rest from each other. Present what joyful will be a meeting after several days of separation.

9. In the relations not always happens smoothly: there is a strip white, there is black. Learn to endure dark strips. Be not afraid to apologize to darling, be able to forgive and make a compromise.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team