As the woman in love behaves

As the woman in love behaves

To learn the easiest way whether the girl is in love with you – to approach it and to ask directly about it. However if you do not look for easy ways, are confused or afraid of the negative answer, observe the person who interested you to draw a conclusion on her feelings.


1. In the company of nice to it men the woman often behaves in a different way. Changes can be various: the laugher suddenly becomes modest and timid, the iron business lady begins to treat subject to lamentation with pies of own preparation and to recommend to put on a cap – on the street a frost, the meek creature begins to tell stories from the life. All you need isAll you need isAll you need isAll you need is to notice similar changes – to observe the girl communicating with friends and to compare to what is seen by you.

2. The girl who is in love seeks not to lose sight of an object of the emotions and in general keeps closer to it. When it seems to her that nobody watches it, she will consider the pleasant man, but if the young man turns, most likely, immediately will turn away the head. During the party, a campaign group of friends on an exhibition, a concert and other informal action the interested woman every time will appear near you.

3. The woman in love worries. She is also not sure of your feelings and if she is sure – worries that everything can change. She reels up a lock of hair on a finger, corrects clothes even if that is in an ideal order, is enough from a table the handle, a notebook, twirls them in hands, puts back and makes a set of other aimless actions.

4. There are also physiological signs which give love away. First of all, it is expanded pupils. An object of feelings looks for the woman very pleasantly and therefore, looking at it, her pupils extend. At a conversation the corps of the girl and socks of legs will be a little deployed towards the person who is pleasant to her.

5. The woman in love is happy. She wakes up with a smile on lips, she is vigorous and cheerful, with ease undertakes new projects, after work goes to the gym and does not suffer from a sleep debt. At the woman in love eyes shine - it is that sign which distinguishes her from crowd.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team