As there is a blessing of young people

As there is a blessing of young people

Recently not all intending spouses pass a wedding ceremony. But it is still important to observe the ceremony called blessing of young people. The groom and the bride before a trip to the REGISTRY OFFICE and the bride's parents become the main participants of events here. Quite often there are also godparents of young people. Parents at this moment pledge the parting words and wish good luck to new family.

It is required to you

  • - bench hammer;
  • - icon of the Mother of God;
  • - Christ Redeemer's icon.


1. Still quite recently blessing of parents turned out when future groom came to the house to the bride to ask her hands for parents. Now the tradition changed a little and blessing is given after passing by the groom of prewedding tests and competitions.

2. Blessing of young people is very important stage. Also there is it in quite narrow circle. For this purpose it is necessary to prepare in advance the separate room where only the closest are invited. It is the best of all if there are besides the groom with the bride their parents and Godfathers there.

3. For a blessing ceremony the parents pick up in advance prepared icons. Perhaps, in family they are stored and pass from father to son. Then for a ceremony are necessary there will be they. On an icon Blessed Virgin Mary has to be represented. For the groom Jesus Christ's icon undertakes. Though the church also does not give special instructions what has to be icons.

4. Future newly married kneel before parents on the special bench hammer. Parents pick up icons a face to young people and say blessing. This speech is delivered in any form. The main thing that it went with all the heart parents. Parents can tell parting words, wish good luck to future family and the fastest birth of children.

5. After words are told, parents do three times a sign of the cross by icons before young people. Then the groom and the bride have to kiss icons and cross. Icons pass to newly married and are hung up in a place of honor in their joint housing.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team