As there is a kidnapping of the bride

As there is a kidnapping of the bride

Kidnapping of the bride – an amusing wedding ceremony. In the heat of a festive banquet she is imperceptibly taken away aside and hidden. Thieves demand from the groom and his friends repayment in the form of dance, a song or a striptease. It is necessary to prove that for the sake of the darling the man is ready for everything.

How to kidnap the bride

According to the classical scenario the bride is kidnapped by guests from her party. Having instigated the witness and having seized the successful moment when the witness of the groom loses vigilance, the heroine of the occasion is taken away to the secluded place. Not superfluous will be to take with itself a make-up bag and a plate with light meals. Nobody knows how the repayment will be long. While girlfriends gossip and correct a make-up, the groom with the witness try to satisfy all conditions of thieves.

It is possible to approach stealing creatively. For example, to invite Roma or to dress up someone from guests. Songs and dancings they will entertain people, and the groom will ask to pay for services. After return of the bride, cheerful thieves will foretell to newlyweds happiness and long love. Or to dramatize stealing by people with automatic machines and in a military uniform. As a requisite the clothes in style of a military and toy weapon will approach. To add humour and to make laugh guests, aggressors can be with water guns. Having surrounded the bride with a dense ring, thieves ask the groom to perform some task and fight back his friends. "Victim" of stealing observes all process of repayment at this time.

If the bride categorically against this ceremony, and guests want "to mock" at the groom, as the stolen object her shoe will approach.

Several councils

That stealing did not develop into a quarrel and did not end is deplorable, it is necessary to consider several moments. First, it is necessary to coordinate the intentions with the bride. You should not drag violently her for a corner. Secondly, not superfluous will be to warn the leading holiday in advance. It will be able to make changes to the program and to prompt the successful moment for stealing. Thirdly, you should not forget about a beautiful and expensive wedding dress. Hiding the bride in kitchen, under a ladder or the dusty utility room, it is possible to spoil her dress fairly. It is impossible to demand from the groom of impracticable conditions. For example, if you know that he is very timid, do not force it to sing the song in the microphone. If it has a complex concerning the figure, it is not necessary to ask it to dance a striptease. As a last resort, if there is a strong wish for shows, let the groom will be replaced by the witness. The stolen brides very much want to look at efforts of the half. If there is an opportunity, bring it into the hall at the time of repayment. And, of course, you should not repeat a stealing ceremony several times in an evening. Instead of joy and laughter it will cause irritation in newlyweds and guests.

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