As there is an affection for the person

As there is an affection for the person

The attachment is a sympathy and the sincere arrangement for the person which is quite often expressed in requirement constantly to spend time together. The attachment in itself is not serious feeling, but it can develop into love. Happens that the attachment is a consequence of love between people. There is also it that people take attachment for love.

What happens attachment

The attachment is one out of the first feelings which appear at the person. Certain objects or people cause in him feeling of tranquility and security since the earliest childhood. So, already at babies the affection for parents, brothers or sisters, toys is formed.

To understand how the attachment appears, it is useful to find out about what its types meet. The attachment which inevitably arises during friendship or love is considered normal. It is characterized by the fact that to the person it is good together with an attachment object, he seeks to spend with it more time. At the same time, the person does not associate himself with that to whom he becomes attached. When parting there is no loss of" though the grief, grief, melancholy can be felt. In general, feelings can be really strong, but there is no hysterics or a depression.

There is also painful emotional attachment at which the person does not think of himself without an attachment object. If there is a parting threat, he feels extremely badly, the mental instability, a depression is shown. So far an attachment object nearby, it is possible to observe signs of selfish behavior, for example, jealousy. Too strong attachment is painful, it always makes the person unfortunate irrespective of, near him that to whom it is attached, or not.

Emergence of attachment

Formation of attachment – natural process for the person who was developed during evolution. On attachment social relationship between people because otherwise no benefit from coexistence would prevent the conflicting individuals to run up is based. The attachment is formed by difficult reactions, neurobiological, psychological and chemical. It begins with the fact that people understand that to them it is interesting and good together. They try to meet more often, and connects them more and more: now it not only common interests or community of characters, but also events which they endured together. People who promote emergence of positive emotions always seem necessary for the person. If near someone you feel happiness, then will try to be with it as often as possible. It is also called attachment. But happens so that the person underestimates himself. Because of a low self-assessment and diffidence he thinks that an object of attachment will not want to remain or meet it. Then he tries "to be protected", becoming attached even stronger, beginning to be jealous and doing other things which in fact only alienate people from each other. The painful attachment over which it is necessary to work with the psychologist is so formed: this unhealthy state.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team