As there passes the first marriage night

As there passes the first marriage night

Initially the first marriage night was really the first in life of newlyweds. Girls kept the innocence for the unique person – the husband. In modern society the first night is considered just beautiful ritual.


1. In advance decide on the place for marriage night. It can be room for newly married in hotel or your apartment to which you will drive after the wedding. If you live together long ago, it is possible to arrange, of course, marriage night and houses, but it will hardly turn out to create the necessary atmosphere.

2. Take care of decoration of the room. Bind balls in the form of hearts, place candles, prepare petals of roses. Do not forget to stock up with light meals. In process you for certain will get hungry, and the banquet remains which are carefully packed by parents will be out of place. Buy fruit, berries, chocolate, cheese. Put a champagne bottle in the fridge.

3. The first marriage night is a beautiful end of the wedding day. It is very important that it passed in the romantic atmosphere of love. Therefore, lighting on a celebration, surely leave forces for continuation of a holiday in private with the spouse.

4. In advance make a bed fresh linen. It is good if it is washed with the conditioner which will give a light aroma. Switch-off phones and devote time only each other. Many newlyweds, having reached the place of the first night, begin to count the presented money. You should not be fond of it and at once to begin to plan expenses. Count the sum and postpone until tomorrow.

5. Let the new husband will exempt darling from fetters of a corset of a wedding dress. Girls should think of wedding underwear in advance. It can be thinner a corset or a set. It is beautiful when linen of the bride is executed in white color and is decorated with lace.

6. To take off fatigue after emotional day, it is possible to take a bath together with the spouse. Here the reserved petals of roses, candles and champagne will be useful. Turn on the beautiful music, put wine glasses and fruit on a table near the bathroom and relax, sharing impressions about a wedding.

7. Private dance performed by the wife will become a pleasant surprise for the young spouse. It can be studied according to videos on the Internet, and to be trained in advance at home. It is not terrible if movements are not perfected. Here the main thing is to surprise.

8. The first marriage night is time of caress, tenderness, romanticism. Present that it is your first experience, kiss and embrace more, find time for a prelude. Listen to desires of the partner during sexual intercourses. And in breaks you feed each other with fruit and candies, clink glasses with glasses and rejoice, you are family now.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team