As there takes place the wedding in church

As there takes place the wedding in church

The wedding implies marriage which consists a feather the face of the Lord. For this reason the wedding is held to churches. It can be made only after the conclusion of usual marriage in department of the REGISTRY OFFICE.


1. You go to church and register in a wedding. For this purpose take the certificate on marriage in the REGISTRY OFFICE. Then pay the necessary sum of money. After that will issue you a certain receipt on the right of a wedding.

2. Confess on arrival to church. Then, as a rule, within an hour the prayer, memorial services and burial services will be carried out. You can change clothes for this period. After the Divine Liturgy you will be betrothed. At the same time young people have to stand at entrance doors in church, and the priest at this moment in Lord Jesus's image will be in an altar. Then the priest will bring the newlywed to the temple to create new and clean life in matrimony.

3. The priest will begin this ritual with Toviya's imitation pious which prayers and smoke drove away the demon from clean marriages. Then he will bless young people and will give them in hands on one lit candle. These candles mean a symbol of ardent love and purity of the relations between the husband and the wife. Further the priest will say prayers. These prayers will be about rescue the newlywed and about relationship continuation.

4. On command of the priest the groom and the bride and also their guests have to bend the heads before the Lord, for receiving blessing from it. The priest will continue to say prayers to the Lord meanwhile.

5. Further the priest will take the groom's ring on the right side of a throne and will put on it, christening three times and pronouncing treasured words. Then he will also put on a ring a finger and the bride. The betrothal a boundary will come to the end with exchange of rings with young people. And so exactly 3 times in glory and honor of the Holy Trinity. This exchange symbolizes fidelity and devotion of spouses.

6. After a betrothal the wedding begins. Young people have to enter on the middle of the temple, holding the lit candles in hands. The priest will go before them with an incensory. At the same time he will give manuals to young people on good deeds. And the newlywed already will meet Chorus with singing of a psalm which will bless matrimony.

7. After that the groom and the bride will pass to an analogion where lie a cross, wreaths and the Gospel. Before it there will be a white towel on which there have to be young people. Further they confirm all the intentions before Lord and before with each other.

8. Then the priest will say 3 extensive prayers. After that he will take a wreath and will christen them the groom, Christ Redeemer's image will allow it to kiss. Similar to the priest will bring a wreath and the bride. Further the Gospel of John, sayings of the apostle Pavel is read and the small application from Church is said. Then the priest presents wine to the groom that he made three small drafts, and after that the bride also has to arrive.

9. Then the priest takes the right hands from young people and reunites, and from above covers them with the hand. Then he circles three times getting married around an analogion. The wedding ceremony already at a royal gate where the groom needs to kiss Christ Redeemer's icon, and the bride – an image of the Mother of God and vice versa comes to the end.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team