As to accuse the man of everything

As to accuse the man of everything

Often, to put process of the relations on the right track, it is necessary to cause sense of guilt in the partner. The man having sense of guilt in relation to the woman most we operate, and his attachment is stronger. There are certain techniques thanks to which it is possible to make the man guilty.

This reception uses the weaker sex quite often. The guilty man is attentive, gentle, pays to the woman more attention, tries to be good not to be guilty again. Will help to make the man guilty some psychological cunnings.

"I without you cannot"

This phrase does not signal about full helplessness at all as many think. In it the special value is concluded. It should be repeated so often as soon as perhaps, leaving even for the shortest time. Repetition will convince the man that he is the meaning of all her life for the girl. And further – any attempt "will cause to get down from a pedestal" sense of guilt. He will have insuperable desire to be constant near that which without it just cannot. He will try to reduce the separation provoked by him to a minimum. And if external circumstances together do not allow to be, the man will feel guilty and in it and to feel great relief, having again reunited with the woman.

"You for me all"

From the same series of techniques of slow and soft psychological influence phrase: "You for me all". Here the effect of a boomerang works. If the woman repeats this phrase rather often and she manages to convince the man that except him in her life exists nobody, he begins to have sense of guilt every time when he behaves differently. In his subconsciousness there is a psychological barrier to any, even innocent relations with other women. In turn the woman has to try to become for the man "all" too – the wife, mother, the mistress, the girlfriend. Seeing her efforts, the man will begin to have sense of guilt from what he so a little for her does. It will become a reason for the active actions from its party directed to strengthening of its feelings and establishment of the fine relations.

"You the best"

The essence of a method is in forcing the man to believe in the uniqueness and excellence. Especially in sex. It has to be sure that only thanks to it the woman feels the greatest pleasure in the life. He will constantly try to be a source of this pleasure. And as soon as slightly will lower a level, immediately will have sense of guilt and will begin to try even more. Here the men's pride works. It will never offend the woman who so reacts to its advantages. From time to time it is worth speaking the man of a phrase: "You are capable of the best", "You are the best of all on light", "You super", "For me you the best". It will force it to remain constantly "in a tone" and to strive for perfection.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team