As to put the guy into place

As to put the guy into place

Often even the good and strong relations can give a weak point and turn back constant quarrels and the conflicts. In such situations of the man in any way try to prove that they in everything are right. It is important to put the guy in time into place that he stopped attacks in your party.


1. Try to calm down and get it together during another skirmish. No abuse and abuse and, especially, manhandling, will break a situation to the best. The female voice of the man can be perceived only as a sound background, trying "to outvoice" it and without thinking at all to stop.

2. Use the phrase checked by time which is capable to make silent any man: "Everything, I have had enough!". It will be good to put on also quickly and to leave for a while the house, having left the man alone with the conscience. When you return in several hours, the man, quite possibly, will apologize for the behavior. If he loves you, then will not want to lose because of the silly tricks at all.

3. Take a special complex of remedial measures in relation to the man if he constantly behaves in an unseemly way, for example, refuses to carry out obligations for the house, dumping everything on your fragile meetings, or long somewhere is late, without coming back home. Act quietly and consistently: at first politely ask the guy to make something, but if he does not listen to you, force it to regret about it. For example, defiantly throw out old socks if the man did not think to put away them and to cease to scatter, anywhere.

4. Try to earn if it does not give you money. Let will worry that cannot control you. If it long vanishes somewhere with friends, organize a noisy hen party. Act counter to the man and do not allow it to get of you the best in any situation. The main thing - do not row, behave naturally even if the guy begins to swear in revenge for your impudent behavior. Just smile, wink and make a haughty look.

5. Try to arrive kindly if you do not want to enter adventures. After all, the man is dear to you, and, perhaps, you do not harbor malice against him and do not want to cause troubles. Let he will see it too. Even after another quarrel or a trick of the man make to him a small surprise: make a tasty dinner, buy it a small gift. Similar kindness is capable to put into place, to force to be deeply moved and revise the behavior even the most severe man.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team