As to the constraining girl to get acquainted with the guy

As to the constraining girl to get acquainted with the guy

The shyness decorates the girl, however can become a stumbling block in improvement of private life. The woman has to find the reason of excessive modesty and try to eradicate it.

It is required to you

  • - beautiful dress,
  • - accessories.


1. Constraining to be not so bad, guys like modest ladies to whom special approach is necessary. However do not change, all has to be moderately. If you liked the young man who in every possible way shows courtesies, smile to him more, take part in dialogue, tell several interesting facts from life. If you lack courage to ask the guy counter questions, be limited to tactful answers.

2. If the pleasant guy hesitates to start talking the first, try to communicate to him in the presence of strangers. Ask to begin dialogue someone from girlfriends, and then be connected to a conversation. Try to behave openly, pay attention to nonverbal gestures – do not cross a hand or a leg, feel confident, in this case the attention is not concentrated on your person.

3. If the shyness passes all admissible framework, carry out psychoanalysis, try to find out the main reason of diffidence. Perhaps, something does not suit you in appearance or clothes. Be not afraid to change, the excessive modesty should not become a stumbling block on the way of improvement of private life.

4. Getting to the unfamiliar company, represent as if you communicate with old friends - so it will be easier for you to show the best qualities. Try to be yourself, do not hang the head down, do not stoop, do not create a type of the unfortunate victim. Look narrowly, perhaps, among new acquaintances there will be a nice guy who is worthy your attention.

5. The first appointment – the base of the new relations. Collect all will in a fist and try to overcome the shyness, there is nearby a person who agreed to come to a meeting, so, noticed in you something special.

6. If the relations in real life do not develop in any way, try to find the soulmate in social network or at a thematic forum. Be separated with the person, learn his living position, the social status, etc. If everything passes successfully, and he will suggest to meet, agree, having convinced that it - not the swindler.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team