As to the girl to attract attention men

As to the girl to attract attention men

Men by the nature are conquerors. They elect for themselves the suitable lady and take great pain to achieve her arrangement. They consider themselves hunters, but do not suspect at all that women try to win their hearts too.

It is required to you

  • - make-up;
  • - hairstyle;
  • - beautiful clothes.


1. If in fight for heart of the girlfriend of the man can work quite openly (to pay compliments, to give flowers, to take home, to invite to appointments, to arrange surprises), girls should do it very thinly so that the man paid attention to it, but did not guess that just came across a hook of the seductress. If you want to attract attention men, try to look always stunningly. And, it does not mean at all that you have to wear short skirts, the deep decollete and constantly wears high-heeled. The romantic style will be a great option, namely: light dresses, skirts, airy blouses of gentle flowers, low heel shoes or ordinary flats. However it is very important to understand that the clothes are not the main attribute.

2. Take care of the hairstyle and of a make-up. You should not apply too much cosmetics as you risk to look vulgarly, and the vulgarity pushes away men.

3. Your attractive appearance does not say that your legs will have all men. Of course, first of all they will pay attention to it, but to keep this attention, you need to behave correctly. Talking to the young man, behave frostily, but be not prudish. Show to him interest, but do not ask too many questions and try not to talk on too personal subjects. You can quite ask about in what he is engaged (studies or works), what hobbies at it.

4. Constantly keep up the conversation. Find suitable subjects for a conversation which will interest the guy. Tell the young man about of what you are fond. The best option for you was would like partial coincidence of hobbies. Do not forget about a smile, people who smile always looks attractive, benevolent and open.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team