As to the girl to be prepared for an appointment blindly

As to the girl to be prepared for an appointment blindly

You are invited to an appointment blindly? This real adventure. How it is correct to prepare itself for an appointment blindly?


1. We hope for the best, we prepare for the worst. This statement best of all is suitable, for the correct spirit, before an appointment blindly. You should not dream that you will meet the hero, count on the decent person, the pleasant interlocutor, differently at a meeting, without having seen that of whom you dreamed, the mood will deteriorate at once and the appointment will be hopelessly spoiled.

2. The main thing, is the correct moral spirit. An appointment blindly, an unusual, fascinating adventure which you will always remember with a smile. Therefore be not nervous, relax and derive pleasure. You will get acquainted with absolutely new, the stranger who can open for you something interesting will force to see different things in a different way. In case you are not pleasant, each other, or there will be no attraction, the worst that can happen, this parting as friends.

3. Surely on the eve of the appointment it is necessary to phone. It is possible to agree about the place for a meeting. The habitual pleasant atmosphere, will give you self-confidence. Also it is an opportunity to hear a voice, a manner to talk, it is already possible to tell, about the culture of communication, it will turn out to make an image of the stranger.

4. If you had an opportunity to choose the place for an appointment, approach this question carefully. Perhaps, it is better to arrange active holiday, to skate on roller-skaters, skates, to try to be engaged in joint business. It will save you from need to constantly keep up the conversation, and you will be able to avoid awkward pauses.

5. When, at last, you met the long-awaited stranger, at a meeting do not forget to smile, friendly to greet. You should not put yourself so as if you made huge favor to the man, he was extremely lucky that you agreed with it to meet. Such relation can spoil all action, without having allowed it to begin. Even if at first sight, the man was not pleasant to you, you should not be upset and escape, the first impression is deceptive. In the course of communication you will understand that you got acquainted with the clever and charming young man.

6. In that case if you understood for certain that the man the hero not of your novel, it is not necessary to tell him it directly. It is not necessary to offend the person, you should not see and communicate with him more. Thank for good evening and politely say goodbye.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team