As to the girl to marry

As to the girl to marry

If there are no relations with representatives of an opposite sex, you should not despair. It is possible to find happiness in private life. That the dream of a marriage was turned into reality, it is important to have the correct installations.

Some girls so strongly are eager to become the legal wife of darling that just are obsessed with the matter. You should not react to this problem so sharply. To arrange private life, it is necessary not to worry about it, and to be distracted by process. Lead full life, enjoy the events, but do not concentrate all thoughts around one question.

It is important to estimate the advantages also adequately: both in appearance, and in character. Sometimes not too attractive and uninteresting person is awfully picky when choosing the young man and therefore there is one. To her it would be necessary either to take care of the own life, or to reduce the list of requirements to future husband.

To increase your chances expansion of a circle of acquaintances, and not only a male will help to marry. The new girlfriend can acquaint you with the relative or the friend. Communicate more, be open and benevolent.

Remember that you should not consider the next boyfriend as the potential spouse at once. Communicate with the new young man as the friend, try to know him better, enjoy the new novel. You will have too time to take a closer look at the partner better. Perhaps, you will find qualities which you consider unacceptable, and will save yourself from a mistake and a further waste of time. You should not force events and too early to conceive about a marriage. Some girls do not allow the guys to ripen for marriage, the first start a serious conversation and it spoil the relations. Understand, several months are not term yet. Allow your feelings to undergo testing time. Perhaps, you with your young man should live together to check your compatibility. Sometimes at this stage the people understand that they are not created for each other. If you appreciate the man, then show him love. Care for the elect, show the best sides. Be ready to work on the relations and sometimes to make a compromise. Leave whims and unreasonable claims in the past, do not stand to the man on the jealousy, bad hind legs and bad habits. Become for the guy not only the mistress, but also the friend, then he will want to carry out with you all life. Try to build up the relationship based on trust, understanding and mutual respect. Such union promises to be long and strong. Do not you want to marry only for the sake of a tick and a beautiful wedding? To avoid an early divorce, it is worth remembering that after marriage work on the relations and preservation of family does not come to an end.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team