As to the guy to forget the girl

As to the guy to forget the girl

People meet, fall in love, quarrel and leave – often, constantly, and it is quite normal. However the person enduring leaving of darling does not care about laws of the Universe at all. He only wants to kill mental anguish and to learn to live further, without it.


1. Memories of darling – what can cause intolerable pain. Any photo, a thing which to you was presented by the girl the place where you often were together – all this reminds of the person and forces to suffer. A special conversation – pages on social networks. Interest in a page is explained by interest in present state of mind of the ex-girlfriend. The young man tries to find confirmations that the girl misses all the time, suffers, thinks of him, traces on a wall posts from other men, monitors updates … All this can dement. The ex-girlfriend needs to be removed from social networks, phone, icq – from everywhere. All things reminding of the girl need to be thrown out, returned to her or to distribute – to hide in a distant case there is no sense because will always be temptation to get them from there and to reconsider. Otherwise to forget just it will not turn out.

2. Steep in any business. Be engaged in work, study, a hobby, but wholeheartedly that for anything more there were just not enough forces. Distract – go to a travel, and well it would assume active holiday. New impressions, emissions of adrenaline, acquaintances to new people. Eventually is just what is necessary.

3. Some psychologists advise in case of painful parting to try to start with the girl immediately a new romance, or to flirt at least with as it is possible a large number of girls. They consider that new feelings are capable to distract from old. However, there are many opponents of similar opinion – some men after a gap cannot just pay attention to other girls. It is a question especially personal therefore decide whether to you it is worth trying right after parting to get the new relations and whether there will be from it a sense.

4. Resort to friends. That is, at all they should not ache and complain, and just to spend with them more time. The cheerful companies – what now is necessary for you.

5. Do not try to return the girl, do not look for with her meetings. If she left, so it so had to develop. If decides to return – so to that and to be, and already to you to solve whether to accept her back, however to hope that it will return is not necessary.

6. Take care of the own life. Begin to play sports if still it was not done, begin to watch the appearance – become better, for itself, not for the ex-girlfriend.

7. However, the only thing that precisely will help you - it is time. Time heals anything, and you will forget unfortunate love soon, and will meet happy, real.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team