As to the guy to help to forget the ex-girlfriend

As to the guy to help to forget the ex-girlfriend

At break in relations with the girl, let on that there were also reasons, guys often feel mental anguish. If it happened to your friend, try to console him, otherwise the depression can drag on for a long time.


1. Find out the reason for which your friend left the girl. It will have key value for a further conversation. Politely ask the guy to tell in detail what occurred how long and because of what.

2. Try to convince the friend that the reason of parting was really serious, and other exit just could not be. Tell it that, certainly, he is right in this situation and arrived as the real man, without having afforded both most, and to the girl to suffer from the unnecessary relations.

3. Ask whether the guy to being deep feelings tested. At the negative answer you will need only to praise it again for the fact that did not begin to suffer and at once left the girl to whom "soul does not lie". If your friend answered positively, convince him that the feeling was fleeting, and shortly he absolutely will forget about it.

4. Discuss the girl with whom the relations were stopped. Find out what she had shortcomings, but make it as it is possible more carefully not to tread on corns of the guy even more. Tell that he did right thing, having stopped meeting the girl who him is not worthy.

5. Tell the friend that around there are a lot of good girls, and such self-assured guy as he, will surely find to himself a new object for the relations. Tell what else strengths the guy has to instill in him even more confidence.

6. Involve your friend in some interesting occupation which will help it to forget about personal problems. It is better if it is purely men's, for example, you go together on fishing or even hunting, to a sports match, having supported favorite team. And, of course, the sport is one of the best drugs for a depression: register together with the friend gym and devote some time to persistent trainings.

7. Try to help the friend in search of the new girl if he wants to begin the new relations as soon as possible. If you are familiar with the lonely and attractive girl, try to organize their meeting or together visit one of pleasure institutions of the city and help the guy to get acquainted with somebody.

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