As to the guy to leave off smoking

As to the guy to leave off smoking

Desire of young people to leave off smoking – the right decision demanding backbone. If the guy does not have enough will power for disposal of this habit, recipes of traditional medicine will come to the rescue.

It is required to you

  • - coil root;
  • - grass of the tributary;
  • - tansy grass;
  • - yarrow grass;
  • - gold mustache;
  • - vodka;
  • - peppermint;
  • - thyme.


1. Fill in with the boiling water a tablespoon of the crushed coil roots, insist within an hour, and then filter. The turned-out infusion rinse a mouth if desired to light. This process will cause emetic desires which at the subconscious level will correspond to tobacco.

2. Take 50 grams of a grass of the tributary, a tansy and a yarrow and everything crush. Fill in a tablespoon of the prepared mix of herbs with a glass of boiled water, cover and insist 20-30 minutes. Drink 50 ml of 5 times a day. Means perfectly reduces thirst for smoking.

3. Prepare an elixir which not only will lower desire to smoke, but also will help to cope with oppressed psychological state. For a start prepare infusion from a gold mustache. Take 20 grams of its crushed escapes and fill in 200 ml of vodka. Insist 14 days in the dark place, periodically stir up. When infusion is ready, take 20 grams of leaves of a peppermint and fill in them with a glass of boiled water. Insist within 20 minutes. Filter and add a tablespoon of infusion of a gold mustache. Accept after a meal on a tablespoon.

4. Such way will help to get rid of an addiction. Make of a grass of a thyme of a cigarette and you smoke them in process of requirement. The taste of such cigarettes will cause an emetic reflex. Besides, enzymes which contain in a plant help to clean airways that is important for the leaving off smoking person.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team