As to the unsociable person to find to itself friends

As to the unsociable person to find to itself friends

It is easier to find friends, than it seems. The sociability plays a large role, but with strangers it is much simpler to become cheerful and talkative. You start conversations, attend social actions, learn body language – it will help even to the most unsociable person to become closer to people and to find friends.

You start conversations with unfamiliar

So, paradoxically, but the fact – the more you meet strangers, the it is simpler to become the friend for someone and to let in the same person the life. Thanks to constant communication with foreign people it is possible to become more open. They know nothing about you, and you – about them. It is simpler to you to strike up a conversation, and the opinion about each other is under construction "from scratch" therefore former failures are not important at all.

Where to take communication? In turn in supermarket, in transport, at the crosswalk. Everything that unites you with other person now, can become a subject for exchange of views and communication. Several phrases, a joke, mutual remarks – it can be anything. Even if the conversation will last one minute, it will be not superfluous.

Social actions

Exhibitions, parties, celebrations, concerts, scientific conferences, master classes and other where there will be other people, - a fine source for search of acquaintances, communication, friends. Learn to speak "yes" to yourself when you plan issue. Make it a rule – if solved, means you go. And any laziness!

Pay attention to such types of social actions:

  • Organizations for interests. For example, the fan meeting of little-known social group, the fallen in love blogger, gatherings of groups for visit quest rooms.
  • Participation in charity events. The help in preparation of actions, the real help by business not just unite, but also give unforgettable emotions, learn to communicate, love, to understand and listen, and these are important postulates of friendship.
  • Excursions and tours. Today travel agencies offer the mass of ready-made products - it is tours. It is easy to find adherents and friends when people are united by one road in a travel. The main thing – existence of money and time for trips.

Body language

If communicate with you a little if do not trust you, do not open, perhaps, you are clamped. Think over it. Language of a body helps to defuse this tensions, and people love emotions which are visible. It is not obligatory to pour out soul for show, rather just to be live, vigorous, emotional.

Do not cross a hand. It is perceived as stealthiness and desire to hide from people around.

Do not take wide steps, try to watch a bearing, smile more. You remember – even laughter without the reason – sign of happiness, but not … fools. Positive and happy people understand it, the others criticize. But you look for such which enter into the first group?

Be friendly, positive, learn to spend time happily most, do not communicate with angry people who infinitely criticize you. Also do not forget to greet, whether it be real communication or correspondence in network.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team