As to the wife to learn that the husband is engaged in onanism

As to the wife to learn that the husband is engaged in onanism

Onanism – the habit characteristic of people of different age and representing intended stimulation of own genitals for achievement of a sexual discharge. To learn whether your husband is engaged in onanism, it is possible in several ways.

What has to cause suspicion first of all

Be attentive and watch behavior of the husband during the day. If he periodically retires to the room, locks for himself a door and asks not to disturb him under the pretext of important work or other urgent matter, it can suggest an idea that it does it to be engaged in onanism. Especially can point the fact that the man retires at the computer to it or takes the mobile phone with Internet access.

The man's privacy not necessarily means that he is engaged in onanism. Perhaps, it really has urgent matters or he just wishes to stay alone.

If you have an opportunity to use the husband's computer, check it for existence of videos or photos of erotic contents. Also to point that the man is a fan of self-satisfaction, the crude history of visits of the websites in the web browser if among them there are resources for adults.

Pay attention and to a house video collection. Perhaps, among DVD movies or videotapes there are records for adults. See a pile of house newspapers and magazines to learn whether editions with erotic contents are hidden among them. That the husband is engaged in onanism can specify also that at the TV there are channels for adults which the man connected secretly from you.

Onanism as man's habit

Look how the man behaves in a bed, how often he fulfills the conjugal duty. Perhaps, sex in your family – an unusual occurrence, but at the same time the spouse is quite happy and cheerful. Most likely, he prefers self-satisfaction to classical sex or just is lazy to spend energy for a bed.

Try not to limit the man in sex. Otherwise he just should be engaged in onanism for a sexual discharge.

Can tell about tendency of the man to onanism also the "proofs" which are accidentally left to them, for example, the used napkins (or their not unpacked pack) in a table box, strange spots on a towel, furniture, etc. Some men prefer to retire long to the bathroom or a toilet, locking at the same time a door. Try to listen – whether strange sounds reach from there. You should not consider that onanism is a treason to own spouse. Perhaps, it is only a youthful habit of which the man will get rid gradually. At the same time some men regularly fulfill the conjugal duty, even in spite of the fact that are engaged in onanism. It is some kind of way of achievement of an additional sexual discharge.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team