As to the woman to learn to be on friendly terms with men

As to the woman to learn to be on friendly terms with men

There is such opinion that friendship between different floors is only children's naivety that young girls believe in this friendship, trust all heart, and guys only agree with it, trying to maintain the friendly relations. With age at many people this naivety disappears and many claim that there is no this friendship. And if can be, then only in some cases.

It is possible to believe that the guy will take and will make to the girl not a proposal of marriage, and only friendship, but it happens only in fairy tales and dreams. Only that fact can serve as an exception if the girl does not cause in it any feelings. Then out of solidarity, the man will not be able to refuse to it friendship. Men, first of all want communication with those women who excite them hot blood. Friendship with such ardent hunters on female hearts represents huge risk, at them ideas of clean and careless friendship for which women actually wait from them can differ. They always want intimate proximity with a fine female, combining it with a talk behind a cup of tea, walks on the park therefore can insist on friendly sex, unconscious and obligations. The girl can be pleasant to the guy therefore it will be difficult for it to restrain and remain indifferent while his instinct orders it to take control of the girlfriend. But friendship therefore at once it is necessary to place all points in these relations zateivatsya not for this purpose. Try to make a side between friendship with the person and the sexual relations, available sex is everywhere and everywhere, and the true friendship in which it is possible to open soul is so rare and irreplaceable. The planned friend needs to understand it.

Equality in friendship

It is impossible to intimidate the man. With such scared gray hare it will just not be interesting to you. It will not be interesting to spend precious time, it is not interesting to share about awe in soul and to nestle on a strong shoulder. For what how not for these purposes male friendship is also necessary? It is just necessary to be as equals.

Also you should not submit to any his desire. He should not feel the main thing in your friendship.

Friendship without sex

Many men claim that there cannot be such friendship, but many also are not necessary to the woman. There are enough men who without ceremony say that they really have a girlfriend with whom they perfectly and freely communicate, are ready to come at a difficult moment and to give the last that they have, without asking instead of nothing, except a smart smile and the words of gratitude. And no sex is necessary to them. Not because, girlfriends are deprived of a charm but because it is interesting to it to spend together time, to share joy and grief and just to them so well and comfortably together that there is no wish to spoil all this banal sex.

If between the guy and the girl there is something bigger, than friendship, and will stop then, they should say goodbye as they will hardly be able to be on friendly terms after that.

Sincerity of feelings

To be on friendly terms with men, you have to remember that friendship has to be sincere and disinterested. The relations have to be such easy and easy that interest to each other did not vanish, always were desire to come at a difficult moment to it, to share all intimate and just to enjoy life, without resorting to intimate relations on which friendship comes to an end. For this purpose it is necessary not only to be the beautiful and distinguished woman, but also to develop as the personality. To learn to listen and hear. To respect, not to be afraid to lend the female shoulder to the man, they want to be cried and state the experiences sometimes too. Be sincere, without thoughts and motives and friendly you love heart.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team