As to the woman to understand the man

As to the woman to understand the man

All know that the man and the woman - beings too different also differ not only in gender. Since the childhood of girls and boys bring up differently and when they grow up, cannot find a common language, understand each other. If they want to achieve mutual understanding in the relations, it is necessary to work well.

Try to understand the man

Understand for yourself that men do not love an idle talk. Before talking to the man, it is necessary to set for himself not only the object, but also a subject of your conversation, otherwise the man will not understand what you want from it and to what all this conversation.

Also remember that a phrase "we need to talk" you will frighten the man, will enter him into a stupor therefore you should not pronounce these words. If you want to talk to the beloved about your relations, you need to formulate accurately, what you want from the relations that in them does not suit you and what needs to try to be changed.

The man has to know and understand accurately what from him is wanted.

You, probably, noticed that men are less emotional, than women. For this reason it is not necessary to take offense at the beloved if he does not kiss you at friends and does not fill up you with declarations of love. He loves you, just men got used to show love business, but not a word. Do not interrupt at all the man if he wanted to talk to you even if it is the longest monologue which you ever heard. Let he will feel that to you what he tells is very interesting and important, and when he will give will give the floor to you, can safely state everything that you think. Often men, coming up against any difficult life situation, are silent about it and do not want to share with anybody the problems and experiences. Try not to take offense at it, leave it alone with yourself, let will think, will look for ways of an exit from a problem and when in his head everything settles, most likely, he with pleasure will tell you of the thoughts, also will be grateful to you for the fact that you listened to him.

Guys very much love when girls are interested in their problems. They will always estimate your care.

The most important in communication with men

And the most important nuance which each woman at communication with men is obliged to know and remember - they do not read mind. Often women hint the man about a gift, about some obligations for the house, about new purchase. However the man do not understand hints, kind of you tried, do not hope that he will guess, it will not occur! Do you want something? Tell about it directly! So you will be able to save the and his nerves, to avoid a heap of quarrels and offenses and to receive what was wanted long ago because the loving man will always comply with a request of the woman, thus he also will show the love for it.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team