As to transfer slight love of the man to strong love

As to transfer slight love of the man to strong love

Men rather often fall in love with girls, but slight love not always develops into true love. However women are capable to help development of this deep feeling.

When does love become love?

Slight love develops into love only when people meet rather long time and know character of each other well. Right at the beginning to the relation of lovers the voice of their soulmates, a look, appearance, a smile clings. They want to spend constantly time together, to touch to each other. Only then, a little later, this feeling is succeeded by deeper.

How to force the guy to fall in love?

If your man is in love with you, you can safely begin to develop in him sincere and strong love. For this purpose try to open to him the soul. Do not hide from him the feelings and emotions, you always tell what you want. Honestly admit the fears and experiences, you share with him dreams. He has to know about you everything: your musical tastes that you like to do in free time, what do you think of the family, to the friends and friends what man would like to see near themselves all the remained life. The most important, be sincere and never lie to the guy. He has to know that he at any time can count on you and your support.

If disclosure of your soul did not help the guy to fall in love with you, try to act with more cunning methods. Perhaps, this feeling already arose in it, but he cannot realize it yet. Then you need to push to it to it. Try to cause jealousy of the beloved. Tell him that one your acquaintance invited you to an appointment, having showered with you with compliments. Next time speak with the girlfriend by phone half-whisper that your darling could think that you are called by the boyfriend. Anyway, he will begin to be jealous, and you will be able easily to prove that actually for jealousy there was no occasion. Besides, you can use the game carrying the name "Hotly — It Is Cold" for its understanding of the feelings. Communicate with the young man indifferently. Surround him with care and love, invite to an appointment and arrange a romantic surprise. Next day, on the contrary, refuse a meeting with it under any silliest pretext. Tell. that at you business. If you after all met, keep detached and seem indifferent. After a while you become soft and appeasable again. Such changeable behavior will set thinking the man on his feelings to you and will attract his interest. He will understand that you are necessary for it. Become a riddle for the young man, then he will like to you sincere love.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team