As to young family to get on with parents in one apartment

As to young family to get on with parents in one apartment

Ideally each family has to have housing. Only not all have an opportunity after the wedding to move to the own cozy apartment. And not to postpone a wedding until pension it is necessary to live some time in the parental territory. To improve good relations with parents and not to turn into heroes of jokes about the mother-in-law and the son-in-law it is possible. It is necessary only not to forget to conform to several simple rules.


1. Discuss all conditions of your cohabitation even before moving. Parents have the settled habits and traditions. They can wake up at six in the morning and loudly turn on the TV, have five cats or invite guests every Saturday. Whether you like it or notWhether you like it or notWhether you like it or notWhether you like it or not, it is necessary to adapt, it is not so simple to change the tenor of life developed for years. And whether costs? To others monastery, as we know, with the charter do not come.

2. Discuss financial side of a question. It is necessary to pay for utilities, to buy products and periodically to do a renovation. Even if you have absolutely modest income, allocate from the budget the sum which you will be able to spend for accommodation in the parental apartment. Thus you also will help parents, and will not feel like parasites.

3. Tell parents when you intend to move down from their apartment. Even if in plans at you the termination of institute, job search and several years of the strengthened savings on the first mortgage contribution, share plans with parents. They have to know that you think of the future and are not going to live at them forever.

4. Discuss all problems in process of their emergence. The more you will suppress them, rather there will be an explosion of emotions. Why to you quarrels and house wars? Parents want to live in peace too. In 9 cases from 10 they will agree to discuss with you a problem and to find the solution suiting all.

5. Try to see off as it is possible for time outdoors. Surely be going on vacation to other city or abroad, for the weekend get out to the nature, in the evenings meet friends. So you are loaded with positive energy, will have a rest from the collected claims and will give to parents an opportunity to stay in the house one.

6. Learn to belong to others words and acts without irritation. If someone did not estimate your dinner, forgot to close a cover of a toilet bowl or passed in dirty footwear on a clean floor – it is unpleasant, but is not deadly, and precisely do not cost your nerves, tears and offenses.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team