As well as in what to interest the girl on correspondence?

As well as in what to interest the girl on correspondence?

With emergence and development of social networks, messengers, applications and chats, they became the integral and important component of life of many people. Today's realities are that that real-life communication recedes into the background, and is preferred as virtual communication. The Internet gets acquainted, are on friendly terms, enter the romantic relations, swear and splash out emotions. Communication in virtual has a number of advantages from which main thing — much at correspondence is simpler to sound what in eyes they will hardly decide to tell. Virtual communication is a rescue for those who are timid and experience difficulties at personal contact.

Definition of the purpose of communication

So, as you already understood, to strike up acquaintances on the Internet and to correspond by means of text messages much more simply, than in real. However it is necessary to do it too intelligently that finally and you, and your interlocutor derived pleasure from communication, and it could develop into something bigger, than just correspondence. Below you will find several secrets of successful virtual communication.

Whether you know? The idea of creation of the SMS appeared in 1984 at the engineer from Finland Matti Makkoner. However the first Sms was sent eight years after — December 3, 1992. It was sent by Englishman Neil Pepwort from the computer to the mobile phone. It contained only 2 words: Merry Christmas! (Merry Christmas!).

For a start it is necessary to decide on an ultimate goal of communication — whether there will be it further just friendship and virtual correspondence for entertainment, or you want to continue then the romantic relations in real. All your strategy and behavior depends on the purpose.

If you want to get acquainted personally, it is possible to invite a sympathy object to a meeting in the first or second day of correspondence. It is impossible to postpone a razvirtualization for a long time as at the girl interest can die away to you or she will be fond of someone of another.

What to begin communication with and how to strike up a conversation

Of course, the main difficulty in virtual, however, as well as in real-life communication, consists in the first phrase. The question interests many what at first to write to the girl to hook on her and to receive from her the answer disposing to further correspondence. At this stage the majority should overcome fear. The first council which can be given in this situation — to refuse hackneyed phrases like How are you doing?, What are you doing?, You have beautiful eyes (hair, legs), etc.

Important! The conversation should not consist of questions alone. They should be alternated to the statement of own opinion, the message about the impressions, stories about themselves.

To interest the girl at communication in the Internet, in the beginning it is worth studying her profile well. It will help to collect necessary information on her life, a kind of activity, study, hobbies, friends, places where she likes to be, etc. See a photo, read its last posts. It will help you to pick up a set of questions with which to begin a conversation. You will be lucky, if you are able to find a subject on which it will be interesting to girl to communicate. It is unlikely it is possible to advise one standard phrase which could draw attention of an object of sympathy surely. For each certain girl it will be individual. But the general rule for all — the first message should not contain the long text and complex phrases. Try to keep within 2–5 short offers. It is possible to begin, for example, so: Hi, Sveta! My name is Andrey. Saw on your page a photo from a concert of the … group. I love them too. And how to you concert? It is worth going or not?. The instruction on community of interests increases your chances that your message will not remain unnoticed, and you will interest in yourself the interlocutor.

Here still example: Hi, Olya! I am Stas. Looked for an infa on a hashtag rest in Budapest and got on your page. I look, you there were recently. Can you tell me where stopped and how reached?. Further communication needs to be built so that the most part of subjects concerned hobbies of the girl, her external qualities, character, work or study. Supporting a conversation, it is necessary to insert mini-stories about itself, to express the opinion on any given question.

Read in more detail about what to write to the girl to get acquainted.

It is very important to be able to listen — it will allow to obtain more information on the girl, in addition to that which she shared in the account. Try to touch upon subjects which will be pleasant not only for the interlocutor, but also for you. It is good if your stories are ridiculous, being surprising. It is possible to send media files with songs of favorite band, further suggesting to discuss them or explaining why you sent this melody, for example, to what emotions it causes in you. It can be also interesting articles, trailers, videos, reviews. All this will allow to diversify correspondence and will make it more fascinating. If your purpose to razvirtualitsya with the girl, then it is not necessary to write too much. It is possible to offer to meet and communicate after several phrases to it on the interesting topic behind a cup of coffee in its favourite cafe or in some original place. So, throughout the subject which is brought up above about a trip to Budapest it is possible to develop a conversation as follows: I was in Vienna, visited the South of Spain. I can prompt you interesting routes. Perhaps we will discuss for coffee tomorrow?.

Learn, that it is possible to write to the girl that to amuse her.

While you are interesting to the interlocutor, it is necessary to seize the moment and to invite her to real-life communication or to take her phone number. If the interlocutor did not agree to an appointment from the first, it is possible to continue to communicate with her in virtual and to try to interest her in itself so that desire to meet after all arose. That you managed to interest the girl, the fact that she not only answers your questions will demonstrate, but also sets them in reply, let it will even be a short phrase And you?. If you wish to communicate by SMS, then it is possible to begin with original, but not trite, compliments which on advantage will emphasize originality of the girl. SMS correspondence assumes that at least once you already met the girl and something in her appearance hooked on you.

Try to describe the admiration of not hackneyed phrases, for example: To you very much goes when you smile. You are such darling or Videla you near the university today. Great you look!. After the words of gratitude it is possible to continue a conversation from questions: How was your day?, As mood?, In what you plan to be engaged tomorrow? and so forth.

How to interest and be pleasant to the interlocutor

Important not only to show interest to the girl, but also to interest her in itself. It is necessary to know strong and weaknesses. Strong — to show, and about weak to hold back so far. It is necessary to take care of having an interesting profile, to be a versatile personality and to be able to keep up the conversation on a set of subjects also.

Important! You should not be upset and lose courage if the girl refused to you communication or an appointment. It is experience which surely is useful in further search of the couple and will prompt how to draw attention to itself next time.

To be positive

At communication with girls it is important to prove only from a positive side. Advantage will be if you have good sense of humour and you will be able to lighten the questions and stories the mood to the interlocutor, to laugh and be filled together with positive emotions. Such people quickly win. In correspondence it is necessary to avoid complaints to life, the statements of discontent, blooming of gossips, offenses, rigid phrases, insults. It is impossible to start a conversation about the ex-girlfriend at all, especially to expose her in negative light.

Polite communication

Probably, excessive will remind that it is necessary to communicate with the girl politely, carefully being at loss for words and phrases. It is important to show all the good manners. At the same time communication needs to be built quite at ease. It is necessary to be able to get out of the situation of tension or misunderstanding. If in relation to you any offensive phrases were told, it is impossible to be rude, called in reply. It is better to translate it for fun or to explain in a soft form why it so touches you.

Important! Some girls with gross spelling mistakes written texts therefore when writing messages in messengers or in phone it is necessary to pay attention to such aspect as spelling tear away.

To show the interest to the girl

Manifestation of interest to the girl is a key factor which has to be present when setting communication. As it was already told, collection of information about the girl in Network will give you understanding of what she lives, and further will allow to show that her life, hobbies, work, a kind of activity, family, the facts from the childhood are interesting to you.

Good photos and information on

Still before starting correspondence, it is necessary to estimate critically the profile at social networks and to correct it. As soon as you are knocked to the girl with the offer to communicate, she immediately will visit to you the page to learn with whom deals. She will look for the answer to 3 key questions: who you why write her why you chose it for correspondence are. Your profile as much as possible has to satisfy its interest. Besides, information in it, as well as your first phrase in the message, have to hook on it, and is even better intrigue.

Important! On an avatar it is necessary to put a photo where you are one, as a last resort, with a favourite animal. A photo with the friend or friends — unsuccessful option. It is better if your photo is made by the professional as it will be a decisive factor at decision-making by the girl, to communicate with you or not.

It is important to pick up the good photos saying that you have an interesting and active life, to update an avatar, to write the interesting and original text about itself and to clean a profile from trite, indecent photos, black humour, inadequate communities, the ambiguous statuses. The profile has to be live and various. In it it is desirable to update information with regularity. We want to warn at once that virtual and SMS correspondence dispose the person to a lie. The American scientists conducting researches in 2002 came to such conclusion. But filling out information in a profile, it is important to understand that at the description of the hobbies, a kind of activity, vital mottoes, favourite phrases, books, music and cinema it is allowed to embellish reality, but not to lie. If you write that your favourite movie, for example, Fall in love with me if you dare, then you really have to watch it. Otherwise it is possible to get into an unpleasant situation when any lie opens, and the relations will be already established or there will even be feelings.

Whether you know? Quite often people do not venture to report in eyes to the spouse about such important decision as a divorce, and write about it to the SMS. Thus arrive, including, and celebrities and also VIP-persons. For example, the singer Britney Spears, the actor Russell Brand and the prime minister of Finland Matti Vankhanen so made.

That it was not necessary to lie about himself, it is necessary to work constantly on improvement of the personality and a body — to read, be interested in novelties of cinema and a musical scene much, to be engaged in the gym, to travel. So you will be able to become interesting to girls and to tie or keep up the conversation on various subjects.

What should be avoided in correspondence

That communication began and took place successfully, it is necessary to avoid:

  • uses of banalities;
  • introductions to the message of obscene, rough, slang words;
  • platitudes, hints of sexual nature, frank messages;
  • grammatical mistakes;
  • large number of smiles, stickers, icons;
  • persuasive phrases;
  • boastings.

So, we hope that our advice will help you to start communication in Network or by SMS with the pleasant girl and shortly you will move to the following level, gathering in the search engine inquiry how to behave on the first appointment or even as it is not banal to make the proposal.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team