As well as what to do if you fell in love

As well as what to do if you fell in love

The love can overtake you during various periods of life and at the most unexpected moment. Having found this fine feeling, some people fall into confusion. Enjoy the love and try to construct the relations with object of the dreams.

1. Learn whether your feelings are mutual. It is optional to make a declaration of love to the woman at once. It is enough to look narrowly at behavior of the girl to understand, she in relation to you takes a liking or not. On straight talk it is necessary to cause only when in a different way it is impossible to learn about the chances in any way.

2. Assess a situation. It is important to consider whether the woman with whom you fell in love is free. You do not hurry to break others couple, to destroy someone's marriage. At first check the feelings.

3. Begin to approach the girl if you feel that are not indifferent her and if you think that she is free. Invite her to an appointment, ask on her life, hobbies.

4. Be attentive in relation to the girl. Take care, take home, present it a bouquet of flowers. To stand out from the crowd of admirers, think up the interesting idea for your appointment.

5. Try to distract if your feeling is not mutual. Let now it seems to you that the world without it will already be not that. Believe, after a while everything will become the same, as before.

6. Plunge into study, work, hobbies. To a bowl meet friends, have a good time. You have no need to stay at home and indulge in pity to yourself.

7. Believe that you are worthy love and happiness in private life. Unsuccessful, meek love can underestimate your self-assessment and weaken self-confidence. Do not give in to despondency. Remember that events in your life develop exactly as it is necessary. At you still ahead.

8. You do not hurry to fight fire with fire. Most likely, at you it will not turn out to construct the serious relations with other girl directly after the unsuccessful beginning of the novel from previous at once.

9. Communicate with women. If you reasonably decided to wait until your mental anguish ceases, and some time to refrain from the serious relations, it does not mean that you cannot flirt with girls. On the contrary, noncommittal communication with women will help you to be with a tone and will support your self-assessment. Only do not go too far. Protect feelings of girls, they can begin to count on something.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team