"As well as what to write to the girl to get acquainted?

"As well as what to write to the girl to get acquainted?

In the modern world it is possible to get acquainted with the girl not only in real life, but also on the Internet. By means of social networks it is possible to find a lot of information on the person, to find out his interests and outlooks on life. In our article we will consider several councils for preparation for acquaintance to the girl on the Internet, we will understand that it is the best of all to write and how to attract mutual interest and also it is enumerable the main mistakes at communication with the girl in correspondence.

Preparation for acquaintance: several rules

So, you found the girl who was pleasant to you in the Internet and decided to write to her. However you do not hurry — at first it is necessary to be prepared for acquaintance and to develop strategy of behavior. First of all, it is necessary to bring order on the page as after your attempt to begin communication your darling will try to study you according to information which is in your profile.

The basic rules of preparation of the page for acquaintance to the girl are listed below:

  1. Put the real photo on an avatar. This the first what your interlocutor will pay attention to get about you an initial impression. Choose the beautiful and qualitative photo where you look adequately. If on your avatar there is a photo of the famous person, a lovely puppy or the sports car, then the girl will hardly become interested in you and will decide that you hide something.
  2. Fill out all personal information in the questionnaire. You for certain studied the questionnaire of the darling before attempt to get acquainted, so allow also the girl to make the same. Specify the main information on yourself, using short and clear expressions.
  3. Publish the photos. If it becomes interesting to the girl how you spend time where you are and with whom you communicate, then she will surely check your photos. Choose only good shots and group them in thematic albums.
  4. Publish information which concerns your interests on the page. It will help your interlocutor to learn whether you have general hobbies. At the same time you should not publish trite or rough records and videos — they will not attract interest of the adequate girl and will only do much harm your reputation.
  5. Clean the page from "compromising evidence". Remove or hide photos which expose you in not the best light, unsubscribe from groups with erotic contents.
  6. Fill out the column of marital status. It is the best of all to put the status "he is not married" as the phrase "in active search" can characterize you as the man who touches all women in a row and cannot choose to himself one in any way.
  7. Maintain activity on the page. It will convince the girl that you not a fake and often go online for communication and search of information interesting you.

Important! Specify accurate information on yourself, you do not seek to embellish the achievements. If you get acquainted for the serious relations, then deception will surely reveal further and will lead to a complete separation.

Before sending to the girl the first message, study her page:

  • when it was created — than the page, that high probability of the fact that it is fake is newer;
  • the activity on the page — will help to understand how often the girl comes on it and to eliminate boats which publish a set of information and photos for very small period;
  • the list of friends of the girl — will help to study a circle of her personal sympathies and to define with what people it is interesting to it to communicate;
  • publications on the page — help to define a focus of interest and hobbies of the darling in order that it is correct to begin communication on this subject.

After you prepared the page for acquaintance and studied available information on the darling, it is necessary to think over the strategy of behavior. Define your common interests and choose subjects for a conversation, choose beautiful compliments for the darling, prepare several general questions of her hobbies and be going to answer her questions briefly, but informatively. Then it is possible to begin communication.

Whether you know? During introduction of personal information on the page the men are inclined to add 2-3 cm to the growth, and women — to reduce the weight by 3-4 kg.

As well as what to write to the girl at the first acquaintance?

The first message has to be such that the girl paid attention to you and became interested. It is not necessary to write the long text filled with deep meaning or difficult phrases. It is possible to draw to itself attention of the girl by means of couple of correctly made offers which have to contain three main ideas:

  1. Your name and as you found it in the Internet — be presented by the real name, avoid nicknames and excessive familiarities, explain how you found its page (according to the photo of an avatar, comments in one of groups, to photos of mutual friends, etc.).
  2. The communication purpose (a conversation about common interests, desire to get acquainted, an appointment) — a pretext can be discussion of the movie interesting to both of you or an event and even desire to talk is simple. It is necessary to show to the girl the sincere interest its photos, hobbies or statements.
  3. The reason for which this girl drew your attention and it was pleasant to you — it can be the original picture taken in the interesting place, a well-aimed statement in comments or beautiful appearance of the darling.

It is important! Even if you get acquainted to find the companion for the rest of life, you should not speak about it to the girl at once — it will frighten off her.

Beautiful compliment as original beginning of a conversation

If the girl placed the beautiful photo on the avatar or shared information on the achievements and abilities, then it is possible to give it a compliment about it and to begin correspondence thus. The compliment which you write the interlocutor in the first message has to conform to some requirements:

  • to be sincere;
  • not to contain rough or obscene expressions;
  • to be unambiguous, without offensive implication;
  • not to contain a hint on sex;
  • to be truthful.

Let's review examples of phrases for the first message with a compliment to the girl:

  1. "Hi, my name is Sasha! Saw you in the general photo in an album of my friend (the brother, the sister, the acquaintance) and admired your smile. There was a wish to get acquainted with you".
  2. "Hi, I am Anton! Saw your photos of the prepared culinary masterpieces - it is true pieces of art! There was a wish to get acquainted with such beautiful and talented cook".
  3. "Hi, my name is Maxim! Saw your photo and understood that you have an excellent sense of style! I look for a gift for the sister, will help me to choose something?".
  4. "Hi, I am Denis! Came across your comment in group and wanted to get acquainted with such witty and beautiful girl!".
  5. "Hi, my name is Vlad! Noticed your photo in the news feed and very much wanted to get acquainted with you. You have just charming smile!".

Whether you know? Approximately the third part of users prefers virtual communication to a real meeting with the partner on an appointment.

General hobbies

One more good occasion to start communication are common interests about which you can learn after studying information on the page of the girl. Existence of the general hobbies helps to strike up an informal and pleasant conversation which will be interesting to both of you.

Examples of phrases for the first message on your general hobbies are given below:

  1. "Hi, my name is Andrey! Accidentally saw on your page that at us musical tastes coincide with you. Do not you know when there is a concert of group (name)?".
  2. "Hi, I am Vitalik! Accidentally saw your photo in which you with the trained sheep-dog. I have a dog too. Tell how it is better to begin to train her?".
  3. "Hi, my name is Maxim! Accidentally came across your page and saw that you made parachute jump. I dream to jump too, will give several advice how to be prepared?".
  4. "Hi, I am Oleg! Looked at your latest album of photos from Italy — I am going to go there next year too. Prompt what sights should be seen?".
  5. "Hi, my name is Victor! Accidentally came across your picture taken in the gym. I like to be engaged on exercise machines too and now I look for nearby the suitable gym. What place would you advise?".

The girl does not reciprocate what to do?

sometimes not respond to your first message just because it is busy. Try to look when she last time was online and whether read your message. Happens so that your darling in a hurry read your message, and then just forgot about it in turmoil. The worst option — you could not interest her. For this reason the interlocutor can begin to ignore you even after the successful beginning of communication.

Important! You should not ask directly the girl why she does not answer you. It you will show her the offense, and she hardly admits the true reason of the behavior.

If the girl does not respond to your messages, it is possible to try to restore her interest in you, using such methods:

  • show patience — if she did not respond to one message, it is not necessary to write her again and again, asking about the reason of such behavior. The excess persistence tires and irritates girls;
  • take an interest whether everything at it is normal — happens so that the girl has difficulties or problems which do not leave it time to answer you;
  • use sense of humour — if the girl reads your messages, but does not respond to them during the long period, it is possible to try to restore her interest in you by means of a joke. Write that you will not be able temporarily to communicate with it as you go in Namibia to feed kind elephants;
  • try to use subsplittings — they have to be not too rough, but provocative. It is possible to tell that the girl is not so beautiful to ignore messages of such nice guy;
  • write to it that any more you will not bother it — it is possible to tell directly that you do not see counter interest in communication. Besides it is possible to add that you will not tire her with the messages any more, but from her party would be poryadochny to tell about everything directly, but not to ignore you;
  • suggest to meet — this way will work if before it you only corresponded and never met in reality. Show that you want to get acquainted personally — perhaps, the girl began to ignore you because she wanted a real appointment with you, but not bothered correspondence.

If you do not manage to draw its attention by means of the listed above ways during the long period of time, then it is the best of all to leave this girl alone. Perhaps, she has other man or you just something were not pleasant to her, tastes at everyone different.

The most widespread mistakes at communication in correspondence

The first message makes at the girl an initial impression about you which can be both positive, and negative. Even if she answered you and you began to communicate, it is necessary to follow certain rules not to disappoint the interlocutor and to maintain her interest in your acquaintance.

Whether you know? Men check information on the page of the darling twice faster, than girls who study the questionnaire of the pleasant guy.

Let's consider the list of the most widespread mistakes during correspondence:

  • banality of the first message — it is necessary to interest the interlocutor, but not just to ask it "how are you doing?";
  • use of abusive and slangy words — suggests an idea of your roughness and belonging to a certain social circle;
  • existence of grammatical mistakes in words — shows you as the illiterate and uneducated man;
  • the excessive persistence — your darling will irritate the fact that you constantly fill up it with questions and demand answers;
  • intricate phrases and offers, abundance of terms — can confuse the girl and make your communication too difficult for her understanding;
  • use of a large number of smilies and pictures — prevents you to focus on finding of common interests and deprives your correspondence of semantic loading;
  • hints of sexual nature — cause a thought that you are interested only sex, but not serious communication;
  • deception of you — if the girl at further communication learns that you lay her, then at once she will lose interest in further acquaintance;
  • boasting or self-praise — makes an impression that you are interested only in yourself and want to speak only about the progress;
  • the attempt "to bribe" the darling by means of expensive gifts and pleasures — suggests an idea of lightness of your intentions and inability to have a tender affection for the woman.

There are several cunnings which can be used at correspondence with the girl for the purpose of acquaintance:

  1. Limit time of your communication. The successful and hardworking person cannot spend the whole day on the Internet. It can suggest the girl an idea that you the loser or the idler who does not want to do anything useful and spends all the time only for correspondence.
  2. Create an intrigue. Go offline after wrote it a question, without waiting for her answer. It is possible to make and vice versa — do not answer the question raised by it at once, make a pause. It will set on its interest in you and will show, how strongly she wants to communicate with you.
  3. Address the girl by name more often. It with guarantee will cause sympathy from its party and will help you to get trust of the interlocutor.
  4. Adhere to identical speed in communication. If the interlocutor sends you 3-4 messages for half an hour, write her as much. Too frequent messages from you can tire her and if you answer too seldom, then will bore it to wait for your messages.
  5. Ask for it the phone number or invite to an appointment. Correspondence is necessary to find the general focus of interest and to recognize each other a little. But if your communication comes down only to exchange of messages, then the girl will soon lose to it interest. When between you the initial contact is come, invite her to meet in real life together to spend time. It will contribute to the further development of your relations.

Learn in more detail what is virtual love.

Virtual acquaintances became a usual thing and simplify search of the companion who is ideal for you by external criteria and hobbies. Using the recommendations listed in article and avoiding widespread mistakes, it is possible to summon at the girl interest from first minutes of communication.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team