As well as where to bring together the girl on an appointment

As well as where to bring together the girl on an appointment

The third or thirty third appointment a little in what differs, in fact, from the very first appointment. Yes, can be, you know each other already much better, but there is a wish to impress the girl all the same. When it comes to the thirty third appointment, the choice of new places is already rather small. Include imagination.

For a start remember everything in the slightest degree considerable trifles addictions of your girl which she mentioned. Women, as a rule, of similar trifles daily give a lot. Use this arsenal for the choice of the place.

If your girl nature very romantic, arrange everything on classical canons. A dinner by candlelight, walk in the park where it is possible to roll about on a grass and to watch on clouds, some touching film under the open sky. By the way, at romantics of an appointment always differed in a special variety. 

If your girl – the person creative, then take away her to the place where the same creative natures gather that to discuss something or to create unusual. For this purpose there are various master classes, exhibitions, lecture halls, and the session of the independent film will approach too. If the girl leads active lifestyle, descend to play with her something. Though on a frisbee tournament. As option, it is possible to go on a hippodrome to ride horses. If the girl is fond of east philosophy, go to occupations yoga in the open air. By the way, not only to heart of men, but sometimes and to heart of women the way lies through a stomach, especially if you organize an appointment after its work or after classes at institute. You descend in an institution where give unusual, but tasty food. Though sometimes the situation can sate more pleasantly inside, than food. With it it is simpler and simpler because all new restaurants in the city compete with each other now in that at whom the interior will turn out more original. Use others rivalry. But in addition, there is still a set of not hackneyed places. Whether you tried to organize an appointment for the girl, say, in the pool? Or perhaps she since the childhood dreams to jump with a parachute? Listen to the darling and try to guess her desires – it will significantly facilitate to you life.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team