As well as where to get acquainted with the man for the serious relations?"

As well as where to get acquainted with the man for the serious relations?"

Vast majority of girls dream of a meeting with Muzhchina of the Dream. Gradually, gaining life experience, the clear picture not only an external image, but also personal qualities of the potential partner in life appears. In article some key moments are reflected in a way of achievement of the goal — acquaintances to the man for the serious relations.

How to be prepared for such acquaintance

As the proverb has it, "Without effort you will not catch also a small fish from a pond". Therefore it is necessary to be "ready" to a meeting with the person with which it is planned to build the long-term serious relations. Psychologists claim: the representative of an opposite sex has enough 8 seconds to make the decision on acquaintance continuation.

Important! It is worth to remember that the tone in the relations is set by the girl!

The first impression turns out the strongest motivator for acquaintance and therefore you should not neglect external attributes. A stylish hairstyle, shiny hairs, well-groomed hands, not striking make-up, the competent grouped clothes, stylish womanly footwear — basic things which without fail have to be present at daily use. Especially carefully it is necessary to select aromas.

They should not be "cheap", as much as possible correspond to your image, the place and time. If choice of perfume is accompanied by certain difficulties — better to refuse them. But the most attractive in image is an expression of eyes and a smile. The mimicry should not be excessively intense, you should not look at the person the "estimating" look. It causes internal constraint, there is a psychological barrier.

How to get acquainted with the man for the serious relations

For acquaintance to wealthy men it is necessary to have understanding that they got used to a certain level and a circle of contacts. And this level needs to be "held".

Whether you know? A condition under which the relations happy is an ability to rejoice.

To be ready

As it was told above, to a meeting it is necessary to be ready as externally, and mentally. The openness is a quality which as the magnet, attracts people, induces the man to enter dialogue with the girl. It is important not to cross concept borders, otherwise the openness can be interpreted as sexual availability.

As the potential groom belongs to a certain population group, the girl is obliged to be erudite, to watch current global trends in literature, art, cinema. The competent speech, quiet intonations, good manners, knowledge of a foreign language — all these skills are necessary not only to make a due first impression, but also "to push" the elect to continuation of the relations.

To love itself

The girl, first of all, has to love herself. In good sense. It means that it has to position itself and feel internally as the independent personality who has undoubted advantages too, but not as "beautiful" addition for the wealthy man.

Besides, the concept "love itself" should not be treated as egoism, or egocentrism. Such manifestations, in most cases, do not give hope for the long serious relations.

Important! It is possible to meet the positive man anywhere, to try to make out the main thing in it the desirable personality for rather short period.

Ideal image — it the concept is strictly individual for each person therefore short-term circumstances should not change constantly appearance to please.

On the contrary, adhering to neutral and classical style in casual clothes, the neatness and an attractive mimicry can be told with confidence that your image will be perceived by an opposite sex as ideal.

To decide on desires

After acquaintance and the carried-out in common some interval of time, himself needs to ask a question honestly: Whether "This young man for the further serious relations is necessary specifically to you or not?". By and large, for internal understanding as far as continuation of the novel will be successful, months and years are not required. Therefore if with the pleasant man to you physically and psychologically comfortably, you have a community of views and interests, the relations, with a great share of probability, will please you and further.

If the probable partner "age", after 40, it says that vital values are already determined, habits settled and if something does not suit you at the initial stage of the relations, then over time it is not necessary to wait for personal changes in behavior and character of the partner.

To radiate a positive

Gloom, boredom in eyes, suppressed mood — at all not that format of behavior which has to accompany you in everyday life. Certainly, any person cannot owing to internal and external circumstances, constantly is in joyful mood.

Whether you know? The people who lived for many years in happy marriage become similar externally at each other.

But it is very important to try to control the emotions, especially "to load" negative emotions and problems the man on the first appointments. Therefore, radiate a positive! Try to rejoice to trifles, weather, surrounding space that your power without words disposed to you the person.

To be able to respect

With what the good, wealthy man you would not get acquainted, first of all, the person needs to be respected as the personality. Without respect it is impossible to try to construct the long-term strong relations. But the feeling of respect in couple has to be symmetric! About it it is necessary to remember always to avoid the serious conflicts in the future.

Where it is possible to meet the serious man?

It is possible to get acquainted both in public places, and in virtual space of the Internet, social networks, dating sites. Of course, the first and most right impression, consists of internal acquaintance therefore you should not refuse visit of public places, such as theaters, exhibitions, concert actions.

It will be interesting to you to learn whether there is a friendship between the man and the woman.

The sports and entertainment public centers, excursions, seminars — a fine opportunity to get acquainted with the man with whom you will have not only a mutual sympathy, but also community of interests. The companies of mutual friends and acquaintances also promote a meeting with interesting people.

Widespread mistakes which cannot be done

The most important at romantic acquaintance is to make a worthy impression to cause interest in further continuation of the relations. Therefore it is desirable to avoid below-mentioned factors.

Defiant appearance

Blue hair, piercing in a nose, ripped untidy clothes and footwear, etc., are associated at the adult serious man with the teenage "unripe" personality, acquaintance to whom "is not in its plans". Therefore, once again it is possible to repeat, the appearance has to as a show-window to speak about your internal sincere and morale. And it directly influences successful acquaintance.


The modesty and sensitivity never remain unnoticed. Especially as the relations are assumed long-term therefore the line of conduct of the girl has to be built faultlessly. The man with pleasure will come to the rescue if the request has incentive character, but not mandative.

Learn in more detail how to find the man of the dream.

Also, at the beginning, it is necessary to exclude a talk about the and intra family problems, not to disturb him numerous phone calls. Not to ask "inconvenient" questions, etc.

Relations with the married man

The relations with the married person — very difficult subject in moral and ethical sense. Preferably, such it is better to avoid acquaintance. But as shows life, "anything can happen". The choice — for you. Will get acquainted with the serious, taken place and wealthy man — a task rather difficult, demanding constant control to herself not only in appearance, but also in manners, a conversation, behavior. Therefore what impression of the first will be made by you at the first acquaintance on the man of your dream, depends the fate of the relations in the future.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team