As well as why women lose husbands

As well as why women lose husbands

If you want your marriage to be strong and durable, surely learn the most common causes why women lose husbands. Take responsibility for the happiness in own hands and do not repeat others mistakes.

To praise, appreciate, love

Often women try not to praise the husband. Here point out the defects with the great pleasure, and to praise and thank – for anything. Thanks to such relation, the woman kind of shows that - h I am a clear head, and at you and a hand not from that place, and the father you bad and earn a little. Probably, wives are afraid that the husband will grow proud. Still will believe in himself.

And the man trusts. Only not in, and that it wrong, defective. And the wife, the poor thing, stands him. As he is not able to solve problems, (you remember and that hands not from that place and further according to the list) the way out is found the simplest: alcohol, computer games or the mistress who trusts in it. When he drinks, problems become not such sharp. When he plays, at him everything turns out, he feels competent. And about the mistress and there is nothing to speak. The man wants him to be understood that believed in it that it was loved.

The man can long suffer while the wife saws him and belittles, but understanding over the years comes that not for all this he was born that it is possible to live in a different way. And then he leaves. At first, perhaps, he will be held by a debt, children, jointly acquired property. And then it will just leave and everything will leave if only not to suffer reproaches any more. And the unfortunate woman will say that it such-syakoy and as dared. I gave all myself to it.

And often even does not come to such women to mind that it left not because such-syakoy but because you finished it. Why so to behave? Who told that from a praise the husband will become proud? Who told that it is not necessary to show in relation to him the love? Who told that he needs to be sawn and abused only?

Usually it becomes in order that the man did not run away. Let thinks that he worthless, to nobody necessary

I am already married

When the man married, his ladylove had certain qualities. And if after the wedding she ceased to depilate undesirable though she did it regularly earlier, to watch the weight, words and appearance, it is clear that it to very few people will be pleasant. If earlier you did not saw the groom and did not use perfect foul language, and now began to do it, it is quite probable that the man will not be delighted.

And if from work of the tired husband you meet in the doorway with a garbage package and the person as if you ate a lemon? And well, emission quickly garbage! It is unlikely it will be pleasant to it. 

Advice to married ladies:

Forget about the greased dressing gowns and ripped slippers. It not esthetically. The man, though itself can be slightly more beautiful than a monkey, appreciates beauty. And the wife is simply obliged to it to give this beauty. Be the real woman. Beautiful, well-groomed and in decent home clothing.

Do not forget about beautiful underwear. Never you hold houses fragmentary or lost an esthetic look, and especially, you do not carry.

Give food to a table beautifully served. Remember that feed with a mash only animals. Prepare with soul, putting energy of love in cooking.

Study constantly and improved. You do not become the boring housewife to whom it is impossible to talk because all interests come down to viewing series and a talk show.

Meet the husband with a smile and by all means you say how missed. Even if very much were tired.

At first give to drink, feed, then you ask about the help.

Try to keep order in the house. But at the same time you do not saw all. Just define the place for each thing.

How not to lose the husband after the child's birth

Not all men understand that you have less energy after sleepless nights with the kid. They continue to require to themselves special attention.

He is a man, it main and was always the center of your family. Some men do not transfer children's crying at all and are irritated. Unfortunately, not all are born with a fatherly instinct.

The wife, in turn, very strongly is tired, she wants that the husband helped. Child, after all, joint. And household problems increased. The spouse becomes irritable. And the man instead of helping, begins to take offense and be irritated in reply. And then goes to free swimming at all, leaving you alone with your problems. Unfortunately, now such scenarios become very widespread.

That it did not occur, try to optimize labor costs. Where it is possible, you ask for help of the husband, mother, girlfriends. Never think that he has to understand something. Ask. Only without claims. Tell that very much were tired and ask to help to wash dishes. Please. Also do not forget to thank for the help. The gratitude gives to the man wings.

Never forget that men differ from women for this reason it is necessary to build up trusting relationship and to talk. To talk and listen to the partner. Then it will be possible to solve any problem without scandals.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team