As will get acquainted with the rich man

As will get acquainted with the rich man

Whatever was the purpose of acquaintance to the rich man - the solution of the material problems or search of the worthy candidate for a marriage, it is necessary to make efforts for search, acquaintances, and, above all deduction of future elect. If you aimed to get acquainted with the successful man, for a start it would be quite good to learn an area of their dwelling.


1. You can get a job in the large international company, previously having planned the candidate according to annual ratings which are the famous editions. Your chances to meet there the rich candidate are rather high, but most likely he will not be ready for acquaintance in a working situation. Besides, office romances seldom come to an end with a wedding ceremony. But if your purpose the solution of small material problems or advance on a career ladder, such option can suit you.

2. Register in occupations in expensive fitness club in your city. The truth attempt to get acquainted in such place will cause certain financial expenses. Take an interest in gradation of subscriptions, learn how the VIP-card looks and how much is. It will help you to distinguish the wealthy man and to judge his income.

3. Visit expensive club or restaurant. Observe people and learn to distinguish the target. Pay attention who what orders for what sum and the main thing, who pays for it. Perhaps, the successful man will look at first sight unattractive, but the account will be brought to it.

4. Learn to identify the rich man from crowd. Pay attention to quality of footwear, clothes and accessories. Try to distinguish brands. But not too trust the first impression. Real Rolex from a qualitative fake without detailed survey will not be distinguished even by experts of hour business. Besides rich men have sometimes a rest from pathos or give preference to democratic brands. Remember at least Mark Zuckerberg.

5. But here the most modest millionaire will even seldom refuse good expensive car. Learn to understand cars and to measure their cost by eye. You should not rush under wheels of course, but here the parking can become the great budgetary place for acquaintance to the successful candidate.

6. Before acquaintance to the wealthy elect milk the appearance. Really estimate the chances. Rich men are spoiled not only the money, but also attention of a fine half of mankind and there is enough pereborchiva in communications.

7. Before acquaintance pay attention not only the appearance and clothes, but also the internal contents. When demand exceeds the offer, to fondly believe that a silly beautiful doll is that it looked for all life. Develop in the maximum quantity of the directions, read, attend courses, in every possible way increase the intelligence. Knowledge at least of one foreign language will become additional benefit at acquaintance to the rich foreigner.

8. Not superfluous will be to attend good culinary courses and to take lessons of sexual skill. The ability to prepare dishes of Thai cuisine, instead of banal borsch and possession of secrets of geishas, considerably will distinguish you against the background of competitors and will help to hold the rich man. As the old joke says: "Men have two emotions: hunger and inclination. If you see it without erection, make to it sandwich". In your case – foie gras.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team