As without scandal to leave the husband

As without scandal to leave the husband

There is it that even the greatest love abandons us, and understanding comes that not darling is near any more. More often thoughts of a divorce flash. How in a civilized way to leave the spouse and to avoid scandals, showdowns and reproaches?


1. Report about parting at a personal meeting. It is impossible to report about break in relations by means of SMS, the letter by e-mail, phone call. Thus you will only show the disrespect for the husband. It is necessary to meet and talk confidentially. Thereby you will help the partner easier to endure a gap, to receive answers to the questions interesting him. Otherwise you simply deprive of it chance to understand completely in the circumstances and to understand in what a problem why it is necessary to leave.

2. Do not discuss the forthcoming parting at strangers. The conversation has to take place alone, but not in the public place. The cafe, restaurant and other institutions is not suitable for these purposes in any way. Before beginning a conversation, make the introduction which will prepare the former darling for unpleasant messages.

3. Together discuss current situation with the husband. Try to explain to the spouse that you do not accept your joint life, point to the reasons which pushed to the decision on parting. Also resolve an issue of the section of jointly acquired property and if there are children – guardianship over them.

4. Get rid of sense of guilt. The former partner can take hard a gap, constantly pouring out the grief to you. But you are not obliged to become for it "vest" where it can be cried at any time. Give it the chance to independently endure this period or to ask for the help friends, the psychologist.

5. Do not return and do not change the made decision. If you doubt the act, to rush about to and fro, then thereby only aggravate a situation and you will make more painful to the partner. Try to limit communication with the husband for a certain time (for example, month) that there was no opportunity daily to change the decision.

6. You are respectful to the former spouse. After you meet the new friend, avoid in communication with it of phrases in which unflatteringly you speak the last partner.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team