As without words to make a declaration of love to the guy

As without words to make a declaration of love to the guy

The first will hesitate to tell the guy about the feelings – on it each girl. But what to do when feelings overflow, and the young man does not hurry to show an initiative? Try to make a declaration of love without words.


1. It is better to speak about love not words, but acts. Be always ready to listen to darling and to come to the rescue. Surround the guy with care, but do it unostentatiously: present him the book which he looked for long ago, share chocolate or juice during the long trip, help to be trained for examination.

2. Bring to the guy pleasant tactile feelings. The massage, light touches which happened kind of accidentally, fleeting, warmer, than friendly, a kiss – all these actions will unambiguously give to a sympathy object an idea of your feelings.

3. Make to the young man a dinner. It is not obligatory to give romantic party by candlelight at all (though it is quite good option). Just prepare a favourite dish of the guy and originally decorate it. For example, fry a chop and draw on it with ketchup a heart.

4. Arrange to the guy small surprises. Present him a disk with the favourite performer on which record also the song about love sung by you. If the guy often catches a cold or is forced to spend much time on cold, knit to it a soft, warm scarf.

5. For the following recognitions you will need slightly more courage, but also they will tell about love much more loudly. Invite the guy to slow dance during which passionately kiss him. Look at darling with a lingering look from under eyelashes and smile when he looks at you. Present to the guy a balloon in the form of a heart or a Valentine's Day card, and for this purpose it is not obligatory to wait on February 14.

6. Invite the guy to the romantic place, for example, to the rooftop to meet dawn or to look at a decline. Suggest it to go to a picnic, to drive by the boat or on horses. But if the guy so did not guess anything, tell him these three treasured words and be not upset if he did not reciprocate: the love anyway does life finer!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team