As wives of the richest men in the world look

As wives of the richest men in the world look

There is an opinion that spouses of the richest men of the world look ideally. But in reality these women are not deprived of shortcomings, and even reproach some of them with lack of taste and attractiveness.

The richest men of the world have an opportunity to choose the most beautiful women. Many young people and slender beauties dream of a successful marriage. But often the ordinary girls who are not differing in model external data are companions of billionaires. Not all wives of rich men conduct an active social life and like to visit beauty shops. Some look rather simply, but everything suits their famous spouses. 

Melinda Gates is a spouse of Bill Gates who is the founder of the Microsoft company and for many years it is considered the richest inhabitant of the planet. Bill and Melinda got married in 1994 and are still happy in marriage. They brought up three children. The billionaire admits that he paid attention to future wife when noticed that she wears shoes without heels. Earlier he read in one of books that the intelligence of the girl depends on how it looks. Than the heel is higher, that the woman is sillier. In Melinda he was not mistaken in a case. 

Melinda Gates puts on rather simply, as well as her famous spouse. It took place in the professional plan, but in recent years does only charity work. 

Priscilla Chan is a spouse of the founder of social network Facebook Mark Zuckerberg. Its fortune is estimated in 44.6 billion dollars. Priscilla completely breaks down stereotypes how the wife of the billionaire has to look. The appearance of this woman was subjected to severe criticism more than once. But it, as well as her spouse, does not concern public opinion. Priscilla not only does not differ in ideal external data, but also does not do anything for improvement of appearance. Mark Zuckerberg loves the spouse and accepts the spouse with all her merits and demerits. 

Mark and Priscilla's acquaintance took place long ago. Many years they were on friendly terms, met, and in 2012 their wedding was held. Happiness was saddened by absence of children. Priscilla admitted that she had several pregnancies which ended with an abortion. In 2015 they had a long-awaited daughter. 

 Flora Perez Marcotte - the spouse Amancio Ortega who is the founder of Zara retail network. Throughout a long time he took the place in the five of the richest people of the planet. 

Flora is the second spouse of the billionaire. They got married in 2001. At couple rather big age difference. They got acquainted at work. Flora was Amancio's secretary and it led to torrid love affair, and then and to a wedding. In marriage the daughter who became the only child of the billionaire was born. 

In spite of the fact that Flora Perez Marcotte is a wife of one of the richest people, she looks rather simply. In everyday life this woman prefers to wear the clothes sustained in sports style. She dares to put on expensive dresses only in special cases. 

Mackenzie Bezos is a spouse of the founder of Amazon Jeff Bezos. Jeff fortune is estimated in 80 billion dollars. He is the richest person of the planet, having overtaken Bill Gates. 

 Mackenzie Bezos Jeff always called the spouse by the right hand. They got acquainted at work, and then decided to open family business - book online store. Amazon exists since 1994 and during this time the project brought to the owners a huge fortune. At the beginning of 2019 it became known of the forthcoming divorce of spouses. They decided to leave after 25 years of happy marriage and already confirmed this information.  

Astrid Menks is a spouse of the American investor Warren Batton. The American billionaire married her in 2006. The age difference between spouses makes 16 years. 

In youth Astrid worked as the waitress. She is a native of Latvia. From the moment of the meeting with Warren prior to a wedding there passed nearly 30 years. Despite respectable age, Astrid looks good. She is always well-groomed, with taste is dressed. In everyday life she tries to put on simply, but admits that she gives preference to expensive brands. 

The French billionaire, the owner of the most known fashion houses Bernard Arnault is married to the Canadian pianist Elaine Mercier. They have three adult children. Elaine admits that the question of the termination of career never faced it. Despite dizzy success of the husband and unlimited financial opportunities, she continues to do favorite thing. The pianist gives several dozen concerts a year, going on tour over all countries of the world. Bernard Arnault treats hobby of the wife for music and its work with understanding.

Elaine assures that she never counted money main in their relations. She fell in love with future husband when he played it a piano one of works by Chopin. The spouse of one of the richest people of Europe looks perfectly. She is always ideally dressed, brushed. Fashionable critics call its images faultless.  

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team