As women destroy courage in men

As women destroy courage in men

The courage, force, reliability attract women and they try to choose the partners allocated with these qualities. But at the wrong behavior it is possible to destroy a machismo in the elect, to suppress its will.

Modern women complain that men became less courageous, infantile. Recently such trend is observed, but it occurs not just like that. Often the closest and beloveds are guilty that their husbands, sons stop being a support and support. 

The aspiration to tame the man

Strong, self-assured men always make decisions independently. It attracts an opposite sex. Each woman wants that her darling took the responsibility, protected it. But in the course of the long relations or after marriage sometimes everything changes. If the woman is not sure of herself, is jealous the partner, she seeks to tame him. For this purpose she can resort to easy blackmail or even threats. The bans can concern communication with friends, relatives. It is not pleasant to some wives that the husband continues to find time for a favourite hobby, but not it. 

If the man is not capable to defend the position, gradually he makes concessions. It pleases the wife, but other problems begin over time. And it is connected with suppression of a machismo. The husband feels psychological discomfort because submission to the woman and constant concessions to the partner for the stronger sex are unnatural. Gradually the line of conduct changes. The man stops being the main thing in family, also it does not accept his partner to be responsible for adoption of important decisions too which cannot understand that she achieved such result. 

The aspiration to earn

The real man has to be the main getter in family. It amuses his vanity and gives feeling of comfort, confidence in the forces. Many modern women do not wish to refuse the career and to devote life to family and children. In such position there is nothing bad, but often wives pay to self-development and earning money too much attention. They in the days vanish at work, more husbands receive and over time even begin them to reproach with it. 

Such model of forming of the relations in family is obviously losing. The man in this case stops being courageous, free. Gradually at him desire to do something for the relatives vanishes. It just does not need it as the beloved not bad earns, and he should spend time in kitchen and to pay attention to education of children. Some couples assure that to them it is so favorable and quite comfortable, but statistically in most cases such exchange of social roles as a result leads to the serious conflicts and becomes the reason of disintegration of families. 

Everything to do desire independently

Everything to do desire of modern women independently destroys courage in their partners. Women are self-sufficient and independent. They do repair in the house, earn money. If something broke, they can use services of masters and other experts, independently resolving all organizational and financial issues. Living life in a position ""I can do everything itself"", the woman destroys not only the man, but also children who since small years see such model of family and taking it for a certain ideal. The boy, watching behavior of the ""weak"" father and ""strong"" mother, will not learn to take the responsibility. In adulthood it will prevent it to construct happy family. 

When the woman acts without the aid of the man, it is not absolutely natural. The ability to ask to state about the help of the partner to it the request - is vital for of both sexes.

Constant criticism

The constant criticism, reproaches destroy a machismo in men. If the woman got used ""to saw"" the husband, to point out his defects, to reproach with low earnings or something else, such union is doomed. Over time the man will cease to feel like the strong defender, at him complexes will begin to appear. 

Especially painfully strike reproaches in sexual failures, public humiliation vanity. If the woman wants to see the real man in the partner, she needs to praise him more often. It is not obligatory to deceive or exaggerate. It is only necessary to notice all good that is done by darling. Over time it will bear fruit. The praise is capable to present confidence and desire to do even more for the family. 

Excessive guardianship

Too persuasive guardianship and desire to take everything under the control from the woman kills male qualities in her partner. When the wife communicates with the spouse as the child, does not trust him the solution of responsible tasks, controls each its step, the man turns into her ""son"". Such role is even pleasant to some because there is no need to aspire to something, to try for the family. 

Many mothers, without noticing that, destroy male qualities in the sons, showing excessive guardianship over them. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team