Asteno-depresssivny syndrome

Asteno-depresssivny syndrome

Constant stresses, the overestimated requirements and excessive severity to themselves are capable to generate a lot of various frustration. One of such violations is asteno-depressive the syndrome which treatment and signs are a combination of symptoms of a depression and an adynamy. Partly because of complexity of differentiation of these problems they are united in one syndrome.

Symptoms of an asteno-depressive syndrome

Because of extensiveness of manifestations the diagnosis of a disease seriously is at a loss, especially if the person does not hurry to address the expert. Quite often symptoms of an asteno-depressive syndrome write off for usual fatigue therefore also the campaign to the doctor is postponed for indefinite time. Refer to the main signs of such state:

  • irritability;
  • increased fatigue;
  • weakness, feeling of exhaustion;
  • hypersensibility;
  • general sluggishness and bad mood.

This syndrome distinguishes temporary improvement from a classical depression a state after rest, but after a while all symptoms return. At people of young age bright negative reactions, instead of classical depressive can be observed: hysterics, embitternment, irritability, unreasonable roughness and frequent inappropriate questions. Small children can feel fears and alarms which do not have the real reasons.

The depression is quite often accompanied by exhaustion, here and the syndrome does not do without external manifestations. Characteristic are: loss of appetite or its unreasonable increase, disorders of digestion, decrease in sexual function, increase in pressure, insomnia or excessive drowsiness.

Treatment of an asteno-depressive symptom

It is necessary to understand that not only excessive intellectual and mental strain, but also serious physical indispositions can be the reasons of a syndrome. Therefore treatment of an asteno-depressive syndrome should not be independent. Only the expert will be able correctly to establish the reason of his development and to appoint treatment.

There are two approaches to elimination of a syndrome: medicamentous and psychotherapeutic. In the first case the drug intake can be on elimination of the disease which led to development of a syndrome or on removal of emotional depression. It is necessary to understand that intake of antidepressants also should not be uncontrolled as the type of medicine and a dosage are selected strictly individually according to symptoms. In case of need psychological support, it is also rendered by the doctor, besides, he can advise some change of a way of life. For example, observance of a diet is quite often capable to replace intake of antidepressants. It is desirable to reduce consumption of greasy food to a minimum and to use sweets less, having replaced them with dried fruits and porridges. Also physical activities will help to reduce depressive manifestations. This is not about intensive trainings if you were not fond of them earlier. It is possible to begin with usual walks in the evening, gradually increasing their duration or replacing with run, driving on rollers or the bicycle. Also the remedial gymnastics, breathing exercises or swimming will be useful. The main thing that occupations brought you pleasure and were not too heavy physically.

Also some simplification of a current of an asteno-depressive syndrome can be rendered phyto - and an aromatherapy, auto-trainings, new hobby. Well and of course, you should not forget about observance of an operating mode and rest – in your day there should not be a surplus of work, but also full inaction cannot be allowed too.


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