At what age it is the best of all to marry

At what age it is the best of all to marry

The marriage for the young man is the beginning of adulthood on all its canons and rules. This adoption of huge responsibility already not only for the personality, but also for the fate of the wife and children. Therefore and it is necessary to marry when the young man ripened for similar responsibility already enough.


1. Ideal age for a marriage at everyone the. Someone in 18 years ripened for the serious relations and is ready to make darling the proposal. And still in most cases it turns out that the man early marrying then begins to feel discomfort from loss of the freedom, lack of the constant relations with friends, many restrictions which are imposed on it by family and marriage. Finally, it can lead to problems in family, to crisis at the man and even to a divorce.

2. A modern society organization such is that absolutely young people have still some financial opportunities, and there are violently and cheerfully enough temptations to spend youth. Study at school up to 18 years, then the institute and army stretch age of the introduction of the young man during the adult period to 22-23 years. But also this age in society is considered too early for a marriage, it is necessary to start still a career, to earn the first money, to learn to provide itself, but not to live with parents.

3. Besides, huge opportunities for entertainments in the big city remove date of a marriage for some time. Unless there is a wish to shift to itself a burden of responsibility when there is a cheerful company of friends and it is possible to conduct an interesting, rich life, without thinking of serious things? All this leaves the mark on the identity of the young man, showing in it signs of immaturity and unavailability to marriage even after majority.

4. But there passes time, and the man begins to think of career and creation of the serious relations more. This period usually begins from 24 or 25 years. At this particular time at the hormonal level there are important changes allowing an organism of the man to enter more measured and quiet period of life. However, for each young man everything very individually and can begin before or soon after this age. If at this age the man meets the girl with whom he wants to build the serious relations, after a while such relations lead to marriage. And such union will be more considered and desired, than at a marriage up to 20 years.

5. The most comfortable for a marriage the age of 30-35 years is considered. It is the period when the young man begins to turn into the real man. It is in the blossoming, but at the same time already a lot of things know, he is skilled and managed to take place in career, he is self-assured and has many plans for life. At this age of the man become excellent fathers and give to the children fine education. If to this age the man did not manage to find the beloved, then this time the best to be engaged in search yet, and with a specific goal – marriage and creation of family.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team