At what detective story to look

At what detective story to look

Many like to spend evening behind viewing the movie, especially if it is the fascinating detective story. This genre of cinema can intrigue and keep the audience in suspense till the end. The main thing is to choose the worthy detective story that later not to feel sorry for viewing about the spent time.

The best detectives of 1997-2009

"The Devil's Advocate" (1997). The young lawyer Kevin Lomax receives the invitation from the head of legal concern and comes to New York. Kevin became famous thanks to the fact that did not lose any case, protecting villains. The new place quite suits the lawyer and his spouse. But soon in their life mysterious and terrible things begin to occur.

In 2011 there was the second part of the movie under the name "Sherlock Holmes: Shadow play", also brought together many admirers.

"Sherlock Holmes" (2009). Events of the movie take place in 1890 in England. The impudent and excentric detective Sherlock Holmes has a new strange business. It is come to the rescue, as always, by the loyal friend doctor Watson. This time the enemy of the main characters becomes real threat for all London. "Prestige" (2006). It is history of two conjurers-illusionists. Once Alfred and Robert were friends, but over the years they turned into the real enemies. They go on anything if only to steal each other secrets of fantastic tricks. Eventually this war begins to do harm and to surrounding people.

"Reason hunters" the novel by Agatha Christie "Ten Little Niggers" is the cornerstone of a plot.

"Reason hunters" (2004). To become FBI agents and to work in elite department of "reason hunters", the group of seven people takes a decisive test on the remote island. They can make a psychological portrait of any criminal on the most insignificant proofs, but even for them this test becomes intolerable. In group the real murderer hid. Future agents have to find him, but time goes, and them becomes less.

The best detectives of 2011-2013

"Raven" (2011). Last days of life of famous Edgar Allan Poe. In its city the dangerous serial killer appeared. Only the writer as all crimes of the unknown too remind that are described in his works can declassify it. "Steel butterfly" (2012). The young homeless child by nickname Plague falls into hands of police during the next robbery. To receive freedom, Plague has to become a live bait for the dangerous serial killer. The girl will cooperate with operas Hanin. The common goal brings together her with the cynical man. "Past secrets" (2013). Ahmad does not live with the wife 4 years. Once Mari asks it to arrive to her to Paris to settle some formalities connected with a divorce. Having arrived to France, the main character becomes the witness of constant quarrels between the wife and the daughter. The attempt to settle their difficult relations opens for Ahmedou a secret from the past and forces to look to the truth in eyes. He understands that all his life with the ex-wife resembled ridiculous series.

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