Autumn depression

Autumn depression

Serene autumn day, surprisingly warm weather, and the sun so heats heat in a back. People poured out on the street to get warm before long winter – walk, rejoice. It would seem – everything remarkably, however something not so, somewhere disappeared good mood, unreasonable irritability appeared.

If such feelings are familiar to you, it is quite probable that you were overcome by an autumn depression.

It is easy to determine a depression by heavy emotional splashes – crying without the reason, apathy to life, irritation on trifles. However very few people can agree that the autumn depression – is a problem. Most often we try to wave away, find a heap of justifications, that just today heavy (though serene) day, is a lot of works, house efforts, disobedient children, guests inopportunely and not what is not an autumn depression, it is just necessary to get enough sleep and tomorrow everything will be in a different way.

Maybe so, however, if next day the picture repeats, allow themselves to admit – I have a depression. Long ago it is known that the wrong observations lead to the wrong conclusions, and the wrong conclusions lead to accident.

Very large number of people notice that with arrival of fall the depression runs from round the corner. And this rather widespread phenomenon in today's world. Change of a season and the onset of cold weather – thoughts of it subconsciously bore, a regret on the leaving summer, incomplete or even to not begun affairs. There comes despondency and such sad mood is frequent drags on. Therefore, somewhere it is possible to tell that the fall and a depression can quite be synonyms. Of course, it is impossible to say that the autumn depression is a doomsday. It should be noted that it is only a kind of a depression in principle, so to speak a seasonal depression.

Depression not such harmless piece as it seems at first sight. First, during such period at the person the working capacity very strongly falls, the attentiveness worsens. Secondly, because of a condition of despondency and apathy the immunity of an organism decreases, the possibility of a disease raises. Thirdly, more serious consequences are possible: if to neglect all, the depression can develop into chronic: the irritation will be replaced by aggression, and the bad mood will turn into a nervous breakdown.

Let's something do with it! Like cures like! Autumn depression? Put shoes on, put on and run to the park, gather a bouquet of leaves – red, yellow, green still come across. Gather full pockets of chestnuts! What for? Yes just like that! What the depression so does not love it resolute actions. As to fight against this phenomenon the question, of course, individual because all of us are people – different. Though the couple of the standard receptions nevertheless exists. As would be great to collect a small suitcase and to wave for a week - another to Hawaii, to get warm on the sun, to popleskatsya in the ocean. Of course, this recipe not to everyone on a pocket therefore give closer to terrestrial.

Many are saved by work. Having loaded itself projects, people are dipped with the head into work. When there is a result, it very much lightens the mood (and if work brings also a material reward, then doubly). Some people, most of the woman, escape shopping. Purchase lightens desired or just beautiful, bright thing the mood long ago. Someone will be saved by a warm favourite plaid, a cup of hot chocolate and the cheerful comedy or sentimental cinema about love (it is obligatory with the happy termination).

In a word, begin to do what you to or already during a depression did not do. Each person, whether it be the man or the woman, knows that he can please him in any day of the week or time of day.

Work on yourself – you grow in the professional plan, be engaged in something new, increase the emotional level and life without depression will be result for you.

Be attentive to people surrounding and close to you. Maybe in vanity of vanities, you did not notice how the depression crept to your girlfriend or the child, your mother can longs two last weeks. Look back …


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team