Bathing days"

Bathing days"

that on your seasonal dacha the bath appeared. Or, maybe, you already have it, and you fulfilled a dream. On construction of a bath many forces left, and you were already going to reap the fruits of this heavy work. And here the moment of the first campaign in a bath came. The broom in a bath already lies. You with an anticipation wait for the moment when it is possible to come into a bath and to get warm. But whether you are able to take a steam bath correctly? We hope, you will find useful tips on a campaign in a bath in this article.

Beginners, elderly people and fans of a bath with the increased arterial blood pressure and neurosises need to take at first a hot shower during two – three minutes or a hot bathtub. More prepared and tempered it is rather simple to be rinsed under a warm shower. The only thing, you should not wet the head – with dry hair it will be easier to transfer high temperature in a bath. Before a bath it is not necessary to wash with soap as in this case from the surface of skin the fat protecting it from burning in a bath, especially if to be whipped by a broom disappears also. It is better to wash with soap after the end of a pair procedure. After a shower not superfluous will be to tie the head a towel in the form of a turban. This adaptation needs to be moistened in a sweating room from time to time with cold water that the head did not overheat.

After an entrance to a bath you should not climb on the shelf at once. At first it is necessary to stay about seven minutes below. The body has to get warm previously at rather small temperature. Heat will cause necessary expansion of vessels and will begin a potovydeleniye. Inexperienced in bathing affairs can this calling and be limited, it is better for it to postpone procedures with a broom until next time. Evenly to warm all parts of a body, it is the best of all to lie on the average shelf, turning over with a side sideways. It facilitates work of heart.

 In ten minutes after the first warming up it is necessary to leave a sweating room and to take a break. Remember that rising from the shelf, you should not get up too sharply as it is possible to lose balance. And having left a sweating room, it is not necessary to lay down at once, it is better to resemble a couple of minutes. Between calling a sweating room it is necessary to take a break in twenty – twenty five minutes. The first five minutes should be spent in soap office, and the rest of the time - in a locker room. Not superfluous during a break will be to drink small drinks a cup freshly brewed strong to tea, a glass of kvass or mineral water.

After a break it is possible to go to a sweating room again. But before it it is necessary to create in a bath the atmosphere, optimum for himself on temperature and humidity. It is the for this purpose best of all to splash out on the heated stones boiled water in the small portions on 100 - 200 ml. At the park with a broom the humidity in parilny has to be higher. Watering of stones in small portions of water allows to make vapor less wet, easy or soft. And if to add water large portions, then it heavy steam accumulates down. At the same time steam can burn skin and is strong overload a cardiovascular system that can cause in you feeling of fatigue. Such steam is called crude and heavy.

Many parilshchik prefer to visit a bath, but not a sauna. In a sauna where temperature can reach 90 - 120 °C, and the furnace has no stones, the excessive dryness irritates mucous nasopharynxes. To moisten air, in such bath water with hot water of a wall and a ceiling a little. There are also difficulties with a broom as at such temperature its leaves are twisted at once and fall down. Therefore it is better to take in a sweating room a basin with hot water and is more often in it to rinse a broom.

Often apply various tinctures to improvement of the atmosphere in a bath. Quite often for receiving steam on stones splash not clear water, but water with small additives of beer or kvass. The aroma at the same time turns out magnificent as smells of newly-baked bread. In a bath it is also useful to apply herbs which increase therapeutic and improving effect of a bath. Curative aerosols can be sprayed in air as useful substances get into lungs and directly in blood. This method is known in traditional medicine long ago. In a bath, splashing on stones of tincture from various plants, the effect of aerosol just is also gained.

Eucalyptus tincture is very widespread. It has bactericidal properties which kill bacteria activators of such diseases as dysentery, a diphtheria, a typhoid. Use as well other available and very useful plants: mint, linden flowers, thyme, marjoram, St. John's wort, coltsfoot, pharmaceutical camomile, sage. Sometimes especially for a bath apply various grass and flower mixes. Mix of a camomile, marjoram and thyme call aroma of the steppe. Infusion from leaves of a birch, juniper and linden will remind of deep forests. Some fans add a little bitter wormwood which is very useful at a disease of respiratory organs to these mixes.

What bath does without broom? It is invariable attribute in bathing procedures. Most often use birch and oak brooms. Oak brooms prepare in the summer from the trees of an oak growing in enough dark. Birch bath brooms make at the beginning or in the middle of July in dry weather, cutting off rather long branches. Then svezheizgotovlenny brooms dry and store in the dry, cool and darkened place covered from wind. To make the correct broom it is necessary to clean at first branches from leaves and knots in that place where there will be a broom handle. Then necessary number of branches wind with a twine, squeezing branches the left hand, and the excess ends are removed. There are many fans of the combined brooms: from a birch, an oak, a juniper, a linden. Medical brooms from a nettle, an eucalyptus, needles are very widespread. A fresh broom follows takes a steam bath at once, without troubling as it can become limp. The dry broom needs to be lowered at first for twenty minutes in cold water, and then literally for two minutes to lower it in boiled water.

Massage by a broom in a bath stimulates blood circulation in leather and deeper tissues of a human body. Thanks to such massage there is a redistribution of blood, a lymph and interfabric liquid on all body. Each broom emits phytoncides, the killing harmful bacteria. Essential oils which contain in leaves and branches at after falling on skin improve a metabolism and interfere with skin presenilation.

The technology parks in a bath is rather simple. It is recommended to take a steam bath at least together. When using a broom it is necessary to put on mitten hands, otherwise palms quickly become covered by water callosities. It is correct to use a broom follows so: one partner lays down on a stomach, having extended hands along a trunk, another two brooms at first strolls a broom from feet to the head and back. In the opposite direction one broom has to slide on one side, and another - on another, then by side parts of a basin, hips and gastrocnemius muscles to feet. Already three-four times. Further brooms need to be raised up, to capture by them hot air, to lower on a waist and to press a hand for five seconds. This reception is called a compress. It is especially useful at injuries, muscle pain after physical activity, sciatica. At pain in sacral and lumbar area "extension" when both brooms are put on a waist is recommended and at the same time part in the parties: one - to feet, another - to a nape. Similar movements carry out to areas of shovels and knees. All complex is repeated by three-four times. At the same time it is necessary to pay attention to that brooms moved not by air, and surely touched a body. If in a sweating room the air temperature too high and skin does not maintain a heat, brooms should be moved slowly, without lifting up. Burning of skin is eliminated with the broom moistened in cool water.

And, at last, the soaring final - grinding which is carried out as follows. One hand the broom is taken for the handle, and a palm another, slightly pressing on a deciduous part, pound gradually all body. The trunk is pounded in all directions, by extremities - lengthways. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team