Beauty of the man - in his acts

Beauty of the man - in his acts

Human beauty not always is only attribute of appearance. Yes, some men estimate only appearance of the girl, but girls are seldom concerned by male appearance, they are sure that beauty of the man is in his acts.

As "beauty" great minds of this world reflect on such concept already not one century. During this time the concept of beauty was transformed more than once, gained new values, was differentiated on internal and external, male and female beauty, beauty of the nature, word and practically any matter and the idea available to consciousness of almighty mankind.

Beauty is a certain Supreme essence, the space Absolute combining in itself shrill perfection and roughnesses opposite to it, roughnesses and disharmony.

If concerning external beauty certain canons, norms, certain concepts were always created, then internal to judge beauty in this regard rather difficult as the concept of beauty in this case very closely contacts a concept of morality, ethics, spirituality eventually. It is beauty not only thoughts, but beauty of acts, and without it an external component remains only a hollow form which withers, is rubbed clean and grows old after the time.

Still Victor Hugo in the immortal work Notre Dame de Paris brought up a question of beauty in general and male beauty in particular. If to remember a plot, will distinctly be presented before eyes fine, comparable with the sun the Feb who betrayed feelings of the young Gipsy and doomed her to death, and deprived of beauty, but the humpback Quasimodo allocated with crystal purity of soul. The difference should be noticed. Beauty of the man consists not in a magnificent head of hear, a heap of muscles and a snow-white smile at all. Beauty of the man is his soul, this how he lives the life and as treats lives of others. For appearance external created the woman – subject to eternal admiring, care and desire which striking example was Elena Troyanskaya.

The man is created to create, protect, care and cherish what is weaker. To the man the role of strong this world and its main duty and the purpose is prepared is to justify this statement from above.

Of course, times when for the sake of the woman, family or the countries were launched wars and were made 12 feats long ago passed, however and today each man has to remain a hero. The hero for mother, for the beloved, for the daughter, the son, the grandson and for the whole world together with them. Beauty of the man are his acts and has to arrive so that eyes of everyone shone brightly this the true, pure and spiritualized beauty.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team